New Toggl Tips: Projects

Hey guys!

Here is another blog post about Toggl New, so it would be easier for you to get used to the new version. This post is about changes that we made with Projects.

1. Creating/adding Projects and Clients

Adding projects and/or clients is optional, but if you’d like to categorize your time entries into different levels, then this will make using Toggl much easier for you.

When you go to the Projects tab, you´ll see the list of all your projects. If you click on the big green “Create Project” button, this is what you’ll see:


Creating a Project is as simple as it can be. Just type in the project name, select the project color and if you want to, mark the project as Public to make it visible for the whole team.

Creating/adding a Client can be done by clicking on the “+Select Client” button. You can choose between existing clients or create a new one by clicking on the “Add as New” button.

If you want to delete or edit a client, you can do so on the Workspace settings page, by clicking the “clients” tab.

2. Editing Projects

These are the first things you see when you open up a project to be edited (some features on the screenshot are Pro):


Project name can be changed by simply editing it in its field.

Deleting and Archiving projects can be done from the Settings Cogwheel, which is on the left side of the big green “Done” button.

Changing the Color of the Project can also be done on the same page. Click on the colored box and you will be given several options – there´s something for everybody.

3. Team Settings

When you choose the project to be “visible to everyone,” it will be shown to everyone and you can’t edit individual user settings.

If you want the project to be private, then make it visible “only to you.”

Adding members to the team can be done by clicking on the field “Add members to team”. You will get a list of team members you can choose from. Just tick the box in front of the user, press the green “Add to Team” button and it´s done!

Project Team Member’s Role can be changed by clicking on the down arrow next to the “Member.” In there, you are able to set the user as manager or non-manager of the Project. If you have made someone a manager, their role will be displayed the right side in green.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, it´s all welcome to

Best wishes from your Support Team!

By On October 29, 2013

  1. @sdm, @Wool, @Will, @Tom Cox, It is possible to edit and create clients in the bottom of the Workspace settings page. Note that, only Admins can add, edit and delete clients.

  2. Is it true that it is not possible to edit and/or create clients in the OSX app? So I have to go to the website to create a new client?

    • Currently it is not possible to add or edit clients in the desktop app. This feature is in our plans and will be added in future releases.

  3. I agree — my project and client lists are getting cluttered, and I can’t un-clutter them. I can’t even edit a client name after creating it!

    This is one area of the (otherwise awesome) tool that’s quite broken.

    Related: the ‘bulk edit’ feature mentioned in the online help is not present for me. Wassup?

  4. I second Ellie! Thanks for project colours.

    Is it possible to add Client colours too?

    Also – how do we unarchive an archived project in new toggl?

  5. Yea for project colors! I’ve been waiting for that to be added and now I can finally customize this to make it easier to see my projects visually! Thank you! Keep up the great work on the new Toggl!