New Toggl release: m.toggl

We have just released a new application that will in time replace all our native mobile applications. You can find it by typing in in your web browser anywhere:


It is a web app, based on HTML5, and just as with all current extra applications, you can track time with m.toggl online as well as offline. When you’re offline, the app will notify you of the fact:

Three other excellent reasons why you should use m.toggl in your mobile from now on:

  1. Fast and reponsive. Its operations have been optimized so that it would work seamlessly and quickly in all platforms across the board. Further improvements in this area are ever-continuous;
  2. Similar to Toggl main page. The user interface has been made as similar to the web page experience as possible;
  3. Google sign-in. On iPhones, m.toggl allows you to use Google sign-in as well (the current native iPhone app does not enable this).

Try it out and share your experiences with us!

By On September 26, 2011

  1. Hi Toggl. I use Toogl mobil on my Android and 2 google accounts. I would love if it was easier to switch account. So I dont have to sign in each time I switch account. 1 for sleeptracking and 1 for work. Nice product. Else I just need an free data export to google docs ^^

  2. Seconding Valerie’s comment, where’s the app? But I can’t even get to enter time, after I enter my password the browser flips to a blank screen and then just exits. Samsung S3, Android 4.0.4.

  3. I am a new user and failing to see where to actually download an “app”. When I go to the browser allows me to enter time, but if I have no internet connection, I cannot enter anything. Where is the actual app to download?
    Thank you.

  4. the m.toggle doesn’t work properly on my android (chrome or android browser) it freezes up and fails to sync. It won’t sync up project names. Doesn’t pull up the keyboard properly when im trying to make an entry. do you really have people paying actual money for this stuff?

  5. Wish I could get the reports in the mobile version. That would allow me not to print my daily summary report brought to meetings.

  6. I can’t login with Google on the html5 app (keeps redirecting back to the login screen). That’s a blocker for me obviously.

    • @lwein Hello, please clear your browser cache and try again. If you still have issues please send us your browser/OS details to support []

  7. I can’t access on my Nokia N8 (running Nokia Belle) using the built-in browser. It takes ages to load, and when it completes loading then instead of the page the browser just shows the error message:
    “Local storage is not available. Toggl needs local storage to run.”
    I can’t access Toggl from my mobile device at all

    • @Stefan Unfortunately N8 browser is not supported by m.toggl. Can you try Opera Mobile or similar browser on your device?

  8. I just looked into Toggl so that I can use it both on my laptop and my iPhone. On my iPhone, m.toggl is quite slow loading and when I’m offline I get the message “Cannot Open Toggl. Toggl could not be opened because it is not connected to the Internet.” I’m definitely not getting the screenshot “You seem to be offline…”
    I tried to download the native app but can’t because I haven’t upgraded my iOS. Several reviews are quite bad for this app, though. Is it possible to get the old app that people seemed to like?

  9. Where has the Android widget gone? I liked the start and stop activity features without having to launch the app. This version has added one more step to the process.