We have just released a new application that will in time replace all our native mobile applications. You can find it by typing in https://m.toggl.com in your web browser anywhere:

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It is a web app, based on HTML5, and just as with all current extra applications, you can track time with m.toggl online as well as offline. When you’re offline, the app will notify you of the fact:

Three other excellent reasons why you should use m.toggl in your mobile from now on:

  1. Fast and reponsive. Its operations have been optimized so that it would work seamlessly and quickly in all platforms across the board. Further improvements in this area are ever-continuous;
  2. Similar to Toggl main page. The user interface has been made as similar to the web page experience as possible;
  3. Google sign-in. On iPhones, m.toggl allows you to use Google sign-in as well (the current native iPhone app does not enable this).

Try it out and share your experiences with us!