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5 Important Things You Need to Know About the New Toggl

The old Toggl will be completely phased out before the end of this year.

The updated webapp, based on years of feedback from the community, is designed to make time tracking simpler than ever before.

But with every change comes a bit of confusion – so here are answers to the top 5 questions people have been asking:

1 – Why are my time entries grouped together?

If you were using the “continue mode” in the previous Toggl version, you’ll notice that your time entries look a little different.

The new Toggl groups together all your similar time entries to give you an instant overview of how much time specific activities have taken you. You’ll also be able to view the individual time entries in these groups by clicking the circled number next to the time entry name.

OK, how can I ungroup my time entries?

If you’d rather see all your time entries listed in a chronological order, you can uncheck “group similar time entries” under your profile settings.


2 – How can I enter time manually?

There are two ways you can add time manually. You can switch between the two modes using the small icons next to the timer button:


When in timer mode, you can add a chunk of time – like 30 minutes, 2 hours, etc. and save it by pressing “enter”.

The manual mode lets you manually enter the start and end times/dates for an entry.


3 – Why can’t I add hours using decimals?

In the old Toggl you could add hours using decimals – entering “2.5” automatically became 2 hours and 30 minutes, etc.

In the new app, only using decimals interprets the time as minutes – to turn decimals into hours, you’ll need to add ‘h’ at the end of it.


2.5 = 2 minutes 30 seconds

2.5h = 2 hours 30 minutes


Alternatively, you can still add hours using the colon as a separator (e.g. 2:30 is two hours, 30 minutes).


4 – Where can I change my workspaces?

We’ve moved everything related to your account into one place – just click your name in the bottom left of Toggl to bring out a list of workspaces you are a member of.

Also, you can access your profile settings from the same menu:



5 – Where is the compact mode?

Sadly, the old compact mode is gone.

However, you can resize your browser window and the timer page will adjust to squeeze things closer together.


As always, if you notice something that isn’t working as it should, do drop us a line at We’ll continue working hard on improvements and updates to make sure your toggling runs as smoothly as possible!

By On November 22, 2016

  1. Hi Toggl,

    I am not happy with the update. In ios I used to enter time in manual mode simply by moving the little slider to manual. This is essential because of my line of work. Is this functionality coming back? If not I’m afraid I will have to abandon the app after years of happy use.

  2. After contacting Toggl via Facebook, they told me to go to my profile settings ( and find the setting ‘Group similar time entries’. If it’s enabled, DISABLE it and save the settings. After ENABLE it again and save.
    I’m not sure if I pressed the ‘Sync’ button in the app, or if it just changed right away.
    This fixed the grouping feature in the Toggl desktop app for me….

  3. As many others, I always used the continuous mode, since I sometimes switch within minutes between different tasks.
    I don’t understand how you can partially remove a feature which so many used. When I click on “Continue” in the macOS toggl App, the timer starts from 0:00 in the title bar. So it’s not possible anymore to get the total time of the task at one glance. I have to open toggl and sum up the grouped time of the task and the current time.
    So in my opinion, this does not mean its continues anymore, but it does something like “cloning” a task. Also the grouping in the macOS App is unsatisfying. If I want to change the description and have 10 grouped task, I have to change each description. The thing is I (and as I have seen by reading the comments, many others as well) don’t care about start and ending time, everything that counts is the time needed for one task, as simple as that.
    It would be so simple to support the old “continuous mode” in the new version in a way that it is really continuos. Just add two options in the desktop app: Show Grouped time in the title bar, and really group tasks, such that it is possible to edit the group, not each task individually. If I want to change the total time, the description, the date etc. it would be convenient if its possible to change that via the grouping entry.

  4. This thread seems to have gone quiet – whether that’s because disgruntled Toggl users have departed and found another time tracker, or people have just shrugged their shoulders and got on with it.
    Well, I’m was in the second category, until I received a complaint from one of my clients this week who is used to seeing her reports in very specific times eg 2 hours and 18 minutes or 39 minutes and so forth.
    This was due to the ability to stop the clock on her tasks when I was called away by another client on the phone, got up to go to the bathroom, fed the dog, fed myself or had a procrastinate on Facebook.When I started her project again, I just hit continue. I have 8 – 10 regular clients and each one of them can contact me and ask for something to be done urgently, or I have to proritise and move onto another project for a few minutes if an urgent email or telephone call comes through.
    Now I’m finding that because I don’t have the ability to stop a task and start another, then return to the original task, I’m having to guesstimate all the time and I’m rounding up (or because I think ‘goodness it couldn’t have taken that long’, I’m chopping time off the time I’m telling the client that it’s taken).
    I’m also not tracking time because I can’t be faffed with having all the entries . For instance, yesterday I juggled 6 different projects, 2 for one client, all at the same time – because it sometimes just happens like that. And I couldn’t be bothered to start another task when I took a quick break to deal with another client’s call. So that time, which was chargeable, didn’t get tracked.
    I can’t get the manual timer to work satisfactorily – on the Windows Desktop – it seems very hit and miss.
    So returning to my original comment about the complaint from my client. She said to me that I seemed to have changed the way I was working and that she wasn’t sure that my time reports were accurate and a true representation of the time I was spending on her work. Was I charging her too much or too little? Bearing in mind that this is a PAYGO client of mine who are charged to the minute, rather than a retainer client.
    And I hadn’t got an answer for her – because in truth, I AM making up the time that I’m charging her – and probably losing revenue in the process.
    So – I find I am now going to move into category one. Toggl used to be great for VAs who multitask with multiple clients every day. But not now.

  5. Another unsatisfied Toggl user (desktop app).
    Since I also was using the continue button frequently, now I’m constantly merging items together manually to keep it clean.
    When working on various tasks during the day: starting task 1, starting task 2, continue with task 1, continue with task 2, continue with task 1, having a break, continue with task 1 again, getting a Phone call and continue with task 1 again. I now get an overview with: 7 entries instead of the two tasks I was working on.

    The new grouping option would be okay by me, but we still can’t find it in the Desktop App, do we? Shouldn’t this new grouping option be available at the same time as breaking the old ‘Continue’ option?

  6. When are you guys going to fix the broken stuff/remove annoyances? Been using this new version for a solid month now and everything is taking longer than ever before to do the the basics.

    I felt a little bad after my last scathing review of the update. I thought maybe I hadn’t given it long enough to get used to the new version, but no. Tracking time used to be a no brainer, now it’s annoying. I’m actually annoyed each time I use Toggl.

    It’s almost the middle of January, holidays are over, c’mon…

  7. I’m astounded at the complete lack of forethought by taking away duration-only time entries to replace it with “grouping” but leaving out the ability to round a grouped entry in the reporting when this “feature” was launched. And it appears I’m not alone in my sentiments. I start and stop my timer many times a day for the same task, and now I have to manually combine those entries for correct task time reporting.

    According to replies by Toggl staff, duration-only entries won’t be coming back and there is no ETA on when rounding grouped entries will be added. This is unacceptable. This is a must-have feature for how I use toggl. If this isn’t added ASAP, I will be taking my business elsewhere.

  8. I’ve downloaded 7.4.7 for Windows, but it still isn’t giving me an option for grouped timers. Is there a preference I need to check or anything? Thanks!

  9. Add me to the list of subscribers who sadly cancelled their Toggl subscriptions because of the loss of Continue mode. I used it constantly for the last two years. I have tried to get used to the new mode, but this isn’t working out and I need to see other apps. 🙁

  10. I’m another user who will unfortunately be cancelling my Toggl subscription as it is no longer usable for me with the deletion of the “Continue” mode. I’m sorry it was problematic for your programmers, but I have a hard time believing there wasn’t some sort of workaround available. For anyone who bills by task per day, our timesheets are now going to require tons of manual labor on our part to collapse all of those individual entries into one. The Freshbooks integration is essentially useless now. I will have to begin evaluating other time trackers because I don’t have time to waste doing manual work where everything previously was automated. I had to stop using the Windows desktop app because, with no grouping feature, one day’s worth of tasks took up the entire screen. The only way this could be even remotely useful is for people who never switch back and forth with tasks or who don’t use the time entries for billing purposes.