New Toggl Online Timer Ready for Beta Testing

Online Timer Toggl, The New Sexy UI

We are happy to announce that our new Toggl Web is progressing nicely and the first of the pages, Web Timer is ready for beta testing. Would you like to help us iron out the bugs and contribute to a cooler Toggl online timer? We assume ‘yes’ so here’s what you need to know:

  • You can access the new application here –

  • Log in with your existing Toggl account and start tracking time as you would normally

  • Right now we only have the Timer page ready for testing in New Toggl. To view Reports and Settings, go back to good old

  • All the data will be in sync with your account and you can go back to regular tracking (or Toggl Desktop or Toggl Mobile) at any time.

If you notice bugs or have any other feedback, please click on the (i) icon at the top right of the page and use the feedback form there. All usual support channels are also available.

Thank you!

By On May 15, 2013

  1. I appreciate experimenting with new designs, but I am not a huge fan of all the choices. Here’s my 2 cents of feedback:

    – Way, way, way too much white space. As a project manager I use Toggl to manage large teams and I cannot see everything at once like I used to. As mentioned above a compromise would be having setting as on Gmail for the white space like “cozy, compact, comfortable” I can have upwards of 15 entries a day & cannot see them all on the screen at the same time for one day, let alone more than one day at a glance without scrolling, and I’m on a MacBook Air, nothing exceptionally small.

    – I also do not like how the projects are broken out from the clients. What used to be one option / click is now two if you don’t remember the name of the project for the client. We have multiple projects per client and some have generic names which wasn’t a problem until now.

    – Another area that looks very jumbled for a large team is the projects overview page. Team member’s names are broken into the next line just based on character length & not spaces. The status hours do not even have a space between them & team member’s names, which is very confusing upon first glance.

    If you take any of this back to your design / dev team please reduce the white space!

  2. I like the UI at first look, but have to work with it.
    I want to know when this will integrate with QuickBooks, I would love to just send this to the billing person and she can import the data without having to retype the time in.

  3. Overall I like the new interface.

    The this week footer is easy to miss when you have not logged anything yet.

  4. I agree with previous comments that there is too much white space between the rows. I like to Ctrl and – in my browser to get more on the screen, but I get less with the new GUI.

    Other than that my workflow change is minor to accommodate the GUI change.

  5. Mike, thanks for the lengthy response.

    First, the UI is not 6mo old – it has been looking like this pretty much since 2010 and it’s getting old. Also, the current UI is totally unusable on tablets. AND there were a lot of things we just couldn’t do with the old UI. Hence the redesign.

    It doesn’t stop at design, either – we are trying to streamline the whole process, simplifying it and adding small touches or new options to make a better Toggl experience. You are seeing the first iteration of the new UI so there might be changes.

    The missing “This week” view seems to be a fluke, it should be visible right from the start.

    The autocomplete in the description field searches from existing time entries, as it did in the past. In addition it now also searches from projects and tasks as well – this was not present in the old version. Please feel free to write to support if you are not experiencing this behaviour.

    I agree the UI should be more responsible to work better on small screens. I do not necessarily agree about the Gmail compact view, though 🙂

    For changing the date please click on the duration field, you’ll get access to start/stop times and date.

    Again, thanks for your feedback – only this way we can create a better tool for everyone. We might not implement everything but discussion is always a good source for new ideas. Keep ’em coming!


  6. Ahh here we go again, messing with stuff just for the sake of messing with it. When will you guys understand people don’t like to have to completely relearn UIs every 6 months.

    Where is the graph with the hours for the week? I’m not seeing anything that has the total hours for the week. I see the daily totals, but not weekly. I want the graph back. Oh I see what Aleksandr is talking about, you have to turn it on by clicking the gear icon and selecting “this week” . By default there is nothing at the bottom of the screen. Again, where is the graph with the DAYS, not the projects. And adding clicks to do something that was already available in the old UI by default is always a bad idea.

    What happened to being able to type the project in the task for easy selection?

    The new layout has WAY too much whitespace everywhere. I used to be able to see 7 days of tasks on one screen, now I can only see 3 because each task has like 100px of space above and below. Gmail’s new UI sucks, stop trying to copy it. Just because people have larger screens than they did before doesn’t give UI designers the right to waste the real estate. Apply google’s “compact” mode and maybe it will be ok.

    I don’t see the date anywhere. How do I change the date? Even manual mode is missing the date.

    You guys probably ignore my by now since every time you make a change I complain, but whatever.

  7. I read the blog post this morning about the new beta version of Toggl. Tried to log in but nothing happens.

  8. Hey, guys, not sure what do you call “total made for today”?
    In the new you can see the total made for each day and also have total for whole week.
    Total for one day
    Total for the week

    (And please don’t look that there is 54 hours for one day – just testing 😉

  9. I really like the new interface too, but I agree with Daiva, I miss the total made for today.

    I also miss being able to edit the date/time of day directly without having to click twice to get to it. It’s confusing/irritating to have it hidden like that. In the old UI I use that feature all the time.