The New Toggl iOS App – A Sneak Peek

UPDATE: The winter has come and passed, and our brand new Toggl iOS app came along with it! Get it on the App Store by clicking the button below!

NOTE: The following article was about a sneak peak of our brand new iOS app which was released in the meantime. This post still contains some useful (though a bit outdated) info about the app itself and what we want to achieve with it, but bear in that some of the features are now already live, and some are still in the testing phase (looking at you ‘Timeline’!). Anyway, we do urge you to try out our new Toggl iOS app – it’s really awesome! The old article about a sneak peek of our new iPhone app commencing in 3… 2… 1…

Our goal at Toggl is to make time tracking as effortless as possible, on any device. So instead of just redesigning the same app visually, we decided to take a step back and think about how can we make time tracking experience on mobile better and smoother overall. Here is a sneak peek of the things you might expect in the new iOS app.

We suggest, you pick

Browsing through your log of time entries to find the one you created last week or month could be a mess. Especially if you are doing the same thing every day, week or month, and on top of that – at the same time. That’s why we created a suggestions view. Here, you’ll be able to find time entries suggested by the app itself, based on your habits and previous entries.

For example – let’s say you’re used to have team meetings on Monday mornings (ugh), and it happens you want to track your time on Monday morning – the app will suggest you this exact time entry you were looking for (in this case – Team Meeting). All you have to do is tap continue and you are tracking!

But don’t worry. You can easily switch to a log view if you need to see a detailed breakdown of your time entries. Just swipe up or down.

Less typing, more tracking

Typing is one of the most annoying parts of the mobile experience. One of our main goals when creating the new app was to decrease the typing effort and reuse already existing time entries user has created.

We decided to rethink the whole flow of how new time entries should be created. Instead of forcing user to edit every detail and piece of information separately, we created one flow that user needs to start a new entry.

With a new time entry creation flow, you can type all the details into a single line and the app starts suggesting time entries for you right away. Additionally, you can use shortcuts to quickly add a project or tags to a time entry.

For example, type in the symbol @ and you’ll be able to choose from a list of existing projects, or create a new one. To add tags, type in # followed by the tag name (i.e., ‘#mobile’). That way you can quickly enter what you’re doing and get back to doing it. It is that simple.

Timeline for an instant overview

Being a webapp user you probably know what I’m talking about here. Timeline in mobile gives you an instant overview of the projects you’ve been working on. Horizontal bars, colored after the projects, show the times of the day that you have covered with time entries. And you can scroll it up to 7 days.

P.S. Oh, there are a few more high-profile features coming – we just need to fine-tune them a bit more before we’re ready to fully showcase them.

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By On August 22, 2017

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  2. This is great. Thumbs up for any productivity improvements! Any plans of introducing these features to the desktop, web app and Android mobile app as well? 🙂

  3. Why are we trying to recreate the wheel? I mean if you can make it go a little faster, great, but this isn’t mind-blowing. How about being able to simply see REPORTS like the website version?

  4. You have added hotkeys to the browser extension (version 1.5.0 How can I turn them off? At me because of this problem. When I format documents in Google docs, I use the CTRL Shift E combination. The extension in the browser automatically responds to the key combination.

  5. @Alexey Thanks for pointing that out. I believe Toggl’s and Todoist’s concepts are a bit different in general and it made sense to us to use @ for projects and hashtag # for tags. Either way, I understand your point and we’ll take a look at it. Cheers. 🙂

  6. @David Currently login via Google does not work indeed in mobile apps. Sorry for inconvenience. Please use your Toggl password for login. We’re working on the new app and hope you’ll see an improvement soon.

  7. Guys, you have a very unlucky clash with prior art of Todoist team, who does exactly that “one flow for entry” for a year or two now but uses precisely the opposite mapping – @ for tags and # for projects. Unless you have serious reasons not to, can you please flip your mapping to match theirs?