New Toggl Desktop for Mac OSX

NOTE: This post is about an older update. Please follow this link to get the newest version of Toggl Desktop!

We just released a completely new version of Toggl Desktop for Mac. With this version we have departed from the previous web-app concept and written a completely native application.

The basic user interface has not changed. It looks a bit different, but all the functionality is the same.

Why a native app? Technically speaking, it supports better integration with the operating system, it’s faster, lighter, and a lot more stable. We’ve added native support for keyboard shortcuts and a more functional menu bar widget.

This version is released as an open source application, so you’re most welcome to submit your feature and bug requests to our GitHub repository.

This is just the first release, we keep improving it both functionally and visually over the course of the following months. Your feedback is most welcome! (And yes, a new version for Windows is also coming soon!)

By On March 6, 2014

  1. I doubt they’re responding to comments here anymore. I’m also on Mac 10.6.8 and am not upgrading my computer anytime soon. (I don’t need to, so why?)

    The Desktop app I had is now “offline,” so I went to get a newer version, thinking that was the issue. Apparently it was, but the latest version doesn’t work with 10.6.8.

    So I went to download an earlier version listed by Toggl staff in comments above, have downloaded it, but it will not recognize my existing account. Says my login name doesn’t exist. WTF?

    What a shame. Guess I’ll have to go to the actual website to track, if I want to continue using Toggl…

  2. hi there,
    just installed TogglDesktop6_30 on my old 10.6.8 Mac, which I still use and want to have it synces with the new airbook woth toogle – and toggle does not go online. so I cannot log in. and the TogglDesktop-7_1_224-2015-03-11-14-50-31 is too advanced. cannot be installed. any help here? thank you!

  3. We are using OSX Snow Leopard 10.6.8, and the Toggl app that worked perfectly on this version of OSX was discontinued a couple of days ago. WTF???!!!! Now i can’t find any working version of Toggl Desktop anymore!

    What’s the problem with you guys?! First you fkcuk up the web-version with an ugly and clumsy layout, then you ditch the only working Desktop-app for 10.6.8??

    We are now looking for an alternative for toggl, and we won’t be looking back!

  4. Just checking back here to see if the desktop app has improved. It hasn’t. I think that’s a pity:

    “The basic user interface has not changed. It looks a bit different, but all the functionality is the same.”

    Yes, the interface has changed, hugely. The screenshots here still show a beautiful, easy to use app, but the app itself is boring & unclear. Contrast is gone, functionality obfuscated, and aligment of elements is off.

    A good app is fun to use, easy, nice on the eyes, and invokes good feelings. Sorry to see it’s gone.

  5. One problem with the new OSX client is that there’s no way to enable the “save duration only” option (found in “my profile” under “when tracking time” section). I frequently stop and start the timer, but I only want a single entry for that task, and it sucks to end up with like 15 different line items by the end of the day. I just switched back to the old client and it seems to have that functionality working correctly, so I’ll stick with that until it’s updated.

  6. I’ve reinstalled the previous version, the usability of the last one is too far from being considered an improvement. Need to go to a task detail in order to setup its project and tags… not a good choice :_(

  7. Hello, we just released a new version of the app. Please update!

    Major improvements are:
    * Option to set the app to stay on top of other apps
    * Customizable global shortcuts
    * Improved start-end time entry
    * Setting project permissions while creating new projects

  8. I’ve just moved to Toggl from Billings Pro. So far I’m quite pleased, but also agree with much of whats been said on this thread in terms of UI and usability of the native app. One thing that I don’t think has been mentioned is the menubar UI, specifically the active vs inactive states. Maybe its just me, but I simply cannot quickly glance at the menubar and easily see if I’m currently tracking time or not because the active/inactive icon is so similar. The Toggl logo is a red circle, why not use red to indicate activity and make it easier to spot at a glance!? Here’s a mockup and thanks for considering the idea!

  9. Although I do think you released the app too soon (it just doesn’t feel finished, more like a beta to me), I do appreciate you guys listening to the feedback and (hopefully) acting on it.