NOTE: This post is about an older update. Please follow this link to get the newest version of Toggl Desktop!

We just released a completely new version of Toggl Desktop for Mac. With this version we have departed from the previous web-app concept and written a completely native application.

The basic user interface has not changed. It looks a bit different, but all the functionality is the same.

Why a native app? Technically speaking, it supports better integration with the operating system, it’s faster, lighter, and a lot more stable. We’ve added native support for keyboard shortcuts and a more functional menu bar widget.

This version is released as an open source application, so you’re most welcome to submit your feature and bug requests to our GitHub repository.

This is just the first release, we keep improving it both functionally and visually over the course of the following months. Your feedback is most welcome! (And yes, a new version for Windows is also coming soon!)