New Toggl Desktop for Mac

UPDATE: This is an outdated blog post. The latest Toggl Desktop download links can be found here –

You’re all welcome to test out our new Toggl Desktop! Download it here –

It features:

  • idle detection,
  • keyboard shortcuts,
  • offline support,
  • similar user interface as Toggl web

The first fully featured version is available on Mac only, but Windows and Linux versions are following soon. Read more in our Knowledge Base. Please note that this is a beta version of the new Desktop and we appreciate all feedback as always!

By On November 28, 2011

  1. Why is it so hard to find the desktop version? if you google it, it takes you to the page about it but no link to get the software!!!

  2. Keep getting:

    Failed to save time entry to Server response: Requested object not found nearly to days worth of tracked time will not sync

    Please advise. Have tried re-launching and logging out and in again

  3. Unfortunately, for technical reasons it’s not possible to support older Mac OS versions (10.5 and lower). We added an error message to Toggl Desktop which notifies you if you have OSX Leopard.

    Still, there are two options. You can use Chrome launcher for
    It requires for Google Chrome to be in your Applications folder.

    Another option is to continue using the older version of Toggl Desktop.

  4. We released an updated version today, which should fix several issues including offline error messages.

    @Val Toggl is a web app. We have never aimed nor claimed to be a native application for OSX or any other platform. We continue developing Toggl as a web application, and would be very exicted if someone with Cocoa experience would develop native app for Toggl. We can provide necessary support and visibility from our side.

  5. I’m sorry to tell, but this is ridiculous! For Christ’s sake, MacOS is NOT iOS. It looks ugly and feels horrible. It is not a mac app. It doesn’t follow a single good rule of being a mac app. Look at how Things, CloudApp, Evernote or any other successful productivity app is made.

    This is a great disappointment for an old Toggle user. Even the old version is a lot nicer. I’m back to it for now. I’d be glad to pay for the app. Just get a good UX/UI designer.

  6. @Alari Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction with regards to keyboard shortcuts. Unfortunately they seem to be very hit and miss as to whether they actually work.