New Toggl Desktop, built in 48 hours


Good news.  A completely new Toggl Desktop, re-written from scratch, will be launched soon. We – Toggl team and guys from Mooncascade – have built it using a novel approach to software development – Sprint48 – where were are trying to build a working version in just 48 hours.

You can read more about our sprint from:

The reason why we decided to drop the current Toggl Desktop and build a new one from scratch is that we reached a conclusion that the current one has too many issues and the attempt to use a web application as a native application has not worked for us (current one is a site specific browser, i.e. a website in a native container).

Here is a screen shot of what the new Toggl Desktop currently looks like 🙂

Improvements that the new Toggl Desktop will bring:

  • It is a native application.
  • A lot better offline support.
  • Faster, more responsive.
  • Capabilities to auto-synchronize with the server.
  • Smaller installer.
  • Etc.

Here is a link to the new alpha version for:

  • Windows
  • OS X
  • Linux support will follow very soon.

NB! Keep in mind that the new Toggl Desktop is still in a very early development stage. There are many features missing, the design is not complete and there can be several bugs. However, if you are feeling adventurous, go ahead, try and let us know what your first impressions are 🙂


Toggl Team

By On January 28, 2011

  1. It only took 48 hours to build something that doesn’t work! Does not sync to the web and as such does not sync to my iPad/iPhone. I synced my iPad today and it wiped out all of my tasks and project. Maybe next time you should spend another 24 hours getting the bugs out before you release.

  2. Why not build a cross-platform AIR-app? Has all the features you list above and a more consistent UI.

    Klok utilizes AIR very smoothly I think. With your website reports etc, an AIR desktop version would be a nice addition.

    Of course it requires FLEX knowledge…

    Regards, and thanks for a great Time Tracker