New! Toggl Desktop 7 for Windows

TD 7 Win

We just released a completely new version of Toggl Desktop for Windows! You can download it here. It’s the same version that was available for Mac OS already for couple of months, now you can enjoy it on the Microsoft platform.

It’s a first release, so there may be issues and problems. Please send us feedback, or check our Github repository for an overview of the development progress.

By On July 30, 2014

  1. Sorry guys don’t mean to be a downer but I’m less enthused about each new version I see. The jump to toggl Desktop 7 was drastic. Used to be a simple single window, now there are flyout windows happening all over the place, the likes of which often get randomly discombobulated when switching back and forth from one task to another or when changing times, not to mention it seems like there is almost no space to display the task titles now. The version before seemed to display alot more text for each entries title.

    My biggest gripe at the moment though: WHY is TogglDesktop.exe *32 sitting proudly atop my computer’s memory usage in TaskManager?!?

    Its consuming 442,680K with roughly 20 some odd tasks displaying.
    (442,680K = 443 MB of RAM)

    What exactly is this thing doing that requires nearly Half a Gigabyte of RAM???

    (FYI chrome.exe is #2 with ~411,000 K and my Outlook.exe – which has close to 3,000 email messages in it – is under half of that ~199,000K)

    I don’t think the last version bled memory quite like this, but maybe I just never noticed… :-/

    • Thank you for this input. The memory issue is something that we’ll definitely look into. This is not acceptable. To comment little bit about the separate edit form. With this design our aim was to offer a better overview of all the time entries while editing a specific one. We will improve this functionality so that it will be more hassle free.

  2. I keep getting a TogglDesktop.exe – Application Error (The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application.) Can’t open the app at all.

  3. I would also suggest to change the update experience. Probably not a high priority but I find it highly disruptive to go to a webpage as if I’m doing a first time install. Would expect a way more integrated experience now a days.
    Love using Toggl however :).

  4. Glad that I kept the old install files. Have reverted to 6.30. It is the best for my needs. Hope it will continue to work.

  5. Agreeing with most of the criticism here. New desktop app is definitely a downgrade from previous.

    Can you let us know when you expect this version to be fixed/updated to address issues discussed above? If not fairly soon, I’ll go back to old version until this one is ready for prime time.

    Great service overall though. We use it for our Agency and its one of our core tools.

  6. Sry, double-commenting… another minor annoyance is that in the desktop app’s history list the description fields are all single-line and large font, so most of my task descriptions get truncated and I can’t actually see what the task was unless I open the task detail.

  7. I agree with Jeremey. I also add ad-hoc entries and don’t like having to click several times just to see the fields for start/end time and the Project.

    Also, I can’t add the project without starting the time entry? So i have to enter the description, hit start, then double-click to get to the details just to tag the project. Minimalism is all fine and good so long as you don’t remove so much that it’s no longer a useful tool.

  8. Please at least update the Github issues that talk about the inability to select a project BEFORE entering the description/tracking time from its current tag of someday-maybe. I think the comments you’re receiving show that this has to have higher priority attention.

  9. First, I like the new right-click menu off the icon and the status showing running or not.
    There are two actions I constantly do in the desktop application:
    1. Add new tasks and adjust time in them to reflect what I was working on in the past due to some hectic times of day. This was recently fixed to allow start and stop time adjustment correctly, thank you.
    2. Always, always set the project. I find the new interface takes way to many clicks to do this. I currently: press start, then click on the running task, then click on the project I want, then click Done. Over and over and over all day. This needs to be streamlined so project and task selection can be made right off the running task in the window.