New Toggl Now Default Web Tracker For Newbie Accounts


Our team has been working hard on New Toggl these past few months and today we are finally ready to launch it as the default web timer for new accounts. We are also continuing with improvements and upgrades until we are ready to completely switch everybody over to the new version.

We encourage existing users to also use the new version by logging in to Please note that some features are missing, but they will be added in the coming weeks. And of course there will be some exciting new features coming online in the following months as well.

To get started with New Toggl, see this video:


We also have some helpful articles:

PS: We have tested it thoroughly, but some bugs might have gone undetected. Please send all your feature requests and bug reports via the feedback form on the Help page!

By On November 6, 2013

  1. So, uhhh… since I use my private email on Toggl for ages I wanted to create a new account on my business email, which I just did.

    After clicking around in the new interface and failing to create a client (see below) I didn’t feel it at all and decided to use my old account again – which is not possible. Logging out apparently doesn’t really log me out, since when I login with my old credentials I end up in my new account again, either in the old or new interface (seems to be random, clicking anything in the old interface just dumps me in the new one). What session management do you guys use? A non-functional logout is a pretty big deal security wise!

    The client problem: When I tried to create a Client with the “Search input” when creating a new project nothing happens, except once I got the error message that I need to enter a name for the Client. This basically screamed “I’m hip and new and slick! And buggy, but all the cool new stuff is buggy.” which is not really nice for a business orientated product, so maybe someone should fix it.

    Since I’m just a free user I really don’t want to rant here, so sorry if this sounds like that. I just don’t see a need to completely scrap the interface, the old one was perfect. The new one feels like one of these modern redesigns to match the hip new style of the major players.

    (And yes, I know I can send an email to, maybe I’ll do that later. Or just use some other product. Meh, I don’t know… Hopefully my old account will just start working again.)

  2. I just signed up at the request of a client – I’m trying to follow your integration instructions to import/export my data from FreshBooks (which I use) to Toggl (which my client uses.)

    Your FAQ says to go to Settings -> Integration, but I’m not seeing the option anywhere. Is this missing in your new UI? Seems like an important feature to omit, if so.

  3. I put a new client on Toggl with a new account, and I was very frustrated with the new interface. Can I have them use the old interface until I get used to the new interface and all the features are there? How can I do it?

  4. Hi,

    I really need the percentage calculation back on the ring chart of the Summary Report. In the old Toggl, it gives both hour count and the percentage. Frankly, I care about the percentage, as does my boss.

    Now, I would have to export the raw data and use a pivot table to get a percentage for each part of the ring chart. Because of this issue, I’m better off dumping the data and making my own ring chart. Please help.


  5. Looks really nice but as one of the new users who only has access to this new UI I am disappointed that I can’t create a pro account. I wanted to move our whole organisation (30 people) onto this solution, I announced on Friday this would be done over the weekend and now I look like an idiot. I’ve contacted support three times (two emails and one web form) but have had no response. Presumably I’m doing something wrong but I’m fairly technical (CEO of Mobile tech agency with 20 years software development experience) so this problem must be effecting other new users. Any chance I can get some help? If not can someone recommend a better Timesheet provider?

  6. @Alari… I did. I got back a completely unhelpful response… just, “Integrations are not yet available in the new version, but our developers are hardly working on this.” HA! That doesn’t help us out much does it.

    Then to make it worse… I just saw that you are discontinuing QuickBook Online integration as of January. (According to support, “Please note that this integration will be discontinued from January 1st 2014,” see

    It’s a shame. I really loved using Toggl for our organization and was all set to provide it to our clients. Not an option now.

    FORTUNATELY… We found an alternative: For everyone else that has been left high and dry by Toggl, take a look at BigTime. Just got off a call with their (very helpful!) support team. They do integrate with QuickBooks Online and it looks like they have a really robust product: Price is pretty good too, starting at $25 per month for 5 users.

    And for the Toggl folks… You can’t just leave your customers out in the cold like this. Switching to an incomplete product before it was ready… Huge mistake.

  7. What is going on for new accounts!?! I’m trying to set up a client to use Toggl, but am unable to use the old interface – and the new interface does not support integration.

    Can someone point me to a service that offers QuickBooks Online integration and does what Toggl does?

    Very disappointing. We had been planning on migrating my client to Toggl but it’s obviously not possible. Ready to go too, we have the new accounting codes set up in QuickBooks, etc., but when I tried signing them up for Toggl… the new account is forced into “new” Toggl. Trying to click on integrations gets an error, with an “Open in Old Toggl” button that doesn’t work (it just keeps looping back to itself).