New Toggl Android App For Daily Time Tracking

New Toggl Android App

Today we’re releasing our new Toggl Android app to everyone. The application has been reimagined for mobile phones to make time tracking on the go as simple and fast as possible. It has a brand new design and has been completely rewritten as a native Android app.

One of the core changes we have made on the mobile (compared to web & desktop apps) is that projects take the center stage for time entries. This is to make starting time entry about choosing a project rather than entering a description (which is not very fast on mobile). This change will need some time to get used to, but we’re sure everybody will come to love it.

In the spirit of resuming time entries quickly we’ve also introduced a recent time entries’ screen. There you can see all of your time entries from the past 9 days compiled into a simple project & description based list. If you really want to, you can still see a detailed breakdown of every time entry you’ve ever made on the log screen.

We have also leveraged Android notifications to the fullest. Whenever you are tracking time, we show a reminder of it in your notifications, where you can also quickly stop the running time entry. This works for time entries started from the mobile, web & desktop. Now you can quickly stop the time entry you forgot running when you ran out of the office!

The new application requires Android 4.0.1 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or newer to run.

You can download it to your phone from Google Play. If you like the new version be sure to rate it as well. Should you encounter any problems, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support team at

If you’re an iPhone user, it’s time for you to get excited as well! iOS is next in line to get a brand new look and a native application.

By On April 2, 2014

  1. Finally, Thanks to you! I got some stuff in your blog post related. I was searching for some material related to matter included in post. Very useful and very informative.

  2. Hey Toggl team, this is a great looking app and it’s currently running great on my BlackBerry Z30! You should really consider taking a few minutes to port the app as it is to BlackBerry World since BlackBerry 10 phones can run Android apps as well.

    It’s a great way to expand your platform footprint and requires minimal effort. See dev site here:

    PS: I tried posting this before but it didn’t seem to go through! Trying again…

  3. Having terrible troubles with the new app. It is very slow to respond. Regularly crashes. Doesn’t sync properly – e.g. timers running overnight, duplicate timers running. Often the “Project List” is blank, so we can’t select project/tasks. Logging out helps for about 5 minutes, before it starts misbehaving again. Have tried on a variety of phones incl Samsung Galaxy S3, Sony Xperia, HTC.

    Can’t find out how to downgrade to previous version. 3 support requests and no answer from Toggl.

    With 5 full time users which we use Toggl to bill from, has caused an absolute nightmare.

  4. Hi there, do you have any plans to include a call tracking option? This would be a charm, because often these calls of 5 minutes sum up to two hours per day and it’s really hard to keep track of it. I’m using another app for this but, of course, would love to see I could get rid of it when Toggl would become all I need 🙂
    Keep up the great work!

  5. Why cant I just exit the app and come back next time, so it remembers my login. Currently there is no “exit” and the only option is log out. Why is that?

  6. Yes!!! The Android App looks awesome and I’m going to assume that it works as well as it looks. Thank you!!

  7. Tip for people with serious issues:
    Sign out and back into the app – I was having a whole raft of issues (lack of syncing, no projects, start button not working etc.). Signing in and out fixed them.

  8. @Mart – Installed, thanks a ton for that update. The new app looks and works great. Leaps and bounds beyond the previous non-native app. Great work team!