New task edit, report filter and Toggl Desktop

We launched a new version today. Here is a list of things done:

New report filter:

We changed the appearance of the filter and raised it above the charts to where it conveys its area of effect better.

New report filter

New task edit view:

A more pleasant and organized task edit view.

New task edit

Toggl Desktop v. 2.0.8:

Lately there has been a lot of feedback about Toggl Desktop not synchronizing with the server properly. We have made some fixes and adjustments that should alleviate this problem. To upgrade to the newest version simply close and reopen the application and it will notify you about the new version. The alternative is to download it from the Toggl extras page.


Toggl Team

By On December 10, 2009

  1. hi,
    thanks for this great tool.
    but since your last updates, i am missing a filter drop down for “archived projects” in the filter view. it is impossible now to get only the working times for open projects.

  2. Hi!
    First of all thanks for your tool which looks very nice and made me switch from my “offline” timetracker software.

    There is just something I miss as I am an user of Ubuntu 9.10 64bits: the desktop interface.
    It looks like the packaged deb file is 32bits only, do you have a clue of what I need to do to be able to install it on my machine?

    Thanks in advance for your help.