New reports and other updates

The new reports page has been launched.

We did a complete redesign of the reports page:

New reports

Check it out and let us know what you think!

NB! The weekly report is currently unavailable. It will be back with the next launch on November 4th.

Other updates:

  • possibility to set the timezone under “My Settings”;
  • task edit view on “Reports” and “Tasks” pages got a facelift;
  • time rounding options can now be set under workspace settings; when rounding is enabled, these settings take effect;
  • the iCal feed link is back on the “Tasks” page.


Toggl Team

By On October 26, 2009

  1. I agree with CK. I need the ability to move between days easily. Selecting a day with the calendars (begin and end) is way too many steps. Also when selecting the detail of a task when you already have a detail open does not close the origional. I can understand why this was done, but for me it’s unnecessary and causes scroll. I really do miss the old reporting.

  2. I miss the possibility of showing the time spent on billable and not billable tasks separately. Or is it possible and i just didn’t see how?

  3. Thanks David for the feedback. The weekly report will come back.
    About the response issues with Google Analytics. Where does it happen: the public page, the timer, the logged in page?

  4. This is a major problem for me as I really needed the ability to view a weekly summary of task/time by day. The grid view did this.

    If it was also possible to hover over the time accumulated and see the comments behind them without having to open each one individually this would also save considerable time.

    I have real response issues because of delays with google analytics

  5. The archived projects should not be shown in the reports. We’ll fix that issue very soon. We’ll also add a possibility to assign tags to multiple tasks at a time.

  6. One more thing…

    After the update i can´t find a way to assign a tag to multiple tasks. The only way seems to be to go to task view, click a task and then assign a tag…

  7. Hi

    In this new view my archived projects is also showing. Why is this? Is it possible not to show them? Once I bill my clients for a job I also achive that project and don´t expect it to show in the reports section anymore.

  8. Hi thank you for the feedback! We’re working on an update which includes also a client view and a way to group by tasks.

    It’s a good idea to make charts more interactive, and it has been something we’re thinking of.

  9. The new reports page removes some previous functionality that I used regularly, so I’m pretty unhappy with it.

    This includes an easy way to move from day to day with one click (I need to report out my time on a daily basis) and the ability to group by tasks.

    Also, why isn’t it that when I click on a day in the graph at the top, that it narrows the tasks below just to that day?