New release and attention Safari users!

UPDATE: You’ve found a post that is very, very old. Toggl widget is not a thing anymore, but the Toggl Button Chrome extension works with many other apps

We released a new version of the Toggl web and Widget.

The release included a lot of small fixes. The main improvements are:

  • better offline handling for the Widget;
  • more stability for the Gmail gadget.

Attention Safari users!

The Gmail/iGoogle gadget does not work with default Safari settings. By default Safari does not allow third party cookies and you’ll get the “Sync failed. Check your connection!” message when you log in.

To use the Gmail/iGoogle gadget, you have to go to and select:

Safari -> Preferences -> Security -> Accept cookies -> Always

That way the Timer can place a cookie in your computer and log in.


Toggl Team

By On August 12, 2009