New release – a lot of old replaced by new

With today’s release, a lot of stuff was dropped:

If you are experiencing strange behaviour, do a refresh to the web page or Toggl Desktop. Questions, comments and everything else can be posted here as a comment or you can write directly to our support mail address.

Toggl Team

UPDATE: There has been a lot of complaints about missing features in the new Classic timer. Here is a list of things that we are improving in the very near future (hopefully we’ll manage to do it next week):

  • search bar – will search from the task names again;
  • click on a project name – will start a new task;
  • title of the pop-out  window – will include the current task name in it.
By On July 1, 2010

  1. I hate Toggl. Pure and simple, just flat out hatred. Nothing about it works. It’s slow, crashes all the time, and is very counterintuitive. Fortunately, I’ve been able to convince my office manager to replace it as our office timekeeping system. Curious if anyone else out there has looked for adequate replacements. Open to all suggestions.

  2. Can you please document for the API all of the fields (JSON name & HTML Field Label) & acceptable values for each of the API requests?

    Additionally I am looking for the API to allow the following:
    * Copy Existing Project Completely Into New Project (including Team)
    * Close/Archive Projects
    * Download Reports
    * Create Clients
    * Edit Project Team
    * Get list of Tags in Workspace

  3. I completely agree with Phil Katz, Michael D, et al. Now there are more steps involved to do the same amount of work. Epic usability fail. The new version is frustrating as a PM & to my team. Just when they were finally accepting the tool. All I’ve had are problems with the update.

  4. I don’t understand the “continue today” thing that pops up when I try to start timing a task. I just want it to start the clock. I don’t want to have to click on additional things. Can I shut that option off somewhere or default an answer so it won’t ask?

    I have to say the switch to the new timer really messed me up to. I was clocking away and happened to have a FireFox crash, when I restarted it, my Toggl suddenly had a different timer and had lost everything I’d clocked for the whole day. If FF hadn’t crashed, who knows how long I’d gone without realizing the timer I was using wasn’t really working. Obviously a lot of us leave the website up without refreshing for days. A new feature launch needs to be non-destructive to our workflow.

    I add my voice to wanting my active tasks sorted at the top. It reduces the efficiency of the timer to have to scroll through long lists to start and stop projects for the day. I’m in and out of multiple things all day, but I keep all of my projects active even if I may not use them for weeks on end.

  5. Good news – calculate button is coming back. We’ll release it together with several other updates early next week. Cheers!

  6. I like the fresh look, but boy I REALLY miss the calculate button on the dashboard / timer page. I used that all the time. Unless I’m missing something it takes a lot of clicks now to open up the task in the TASKS page and use the calculate feature there.

  7. With the switch over to the new timer, I seem to have lost half of my time for 7/1 and all of my time for 7/2– help!

  8. ok i figured out the pop out. While your explanation of the start/stop time has some validity, it leaves a lot to be desired in filling in what was done off site or missed tracking. If it means another line item, fine, but we really want it back with calculate and save options please. Thanks.

  9. @jaanus – Thank you for the response regarding the duration and start/stop time. It makes sense now why they’re kept separate. I guess I never really thought about it much when using calculate.

    Funny though how you can put in 5hrs of work between 3pm -> 1pm 🙂