New project editing page

Editing projects has changed for the better. When you go to your Settings -> Projects page and open up one of the projects, this is what you will now see:

What we like about the new format:

  • Clearer layout  – making editing your project simpler and more user-friendly;
  • Sidebar with project activity – shows this week’s work on that particular project, just as the home page shows your total this week’s activity;
  • Mark tasks ‘done’ – this helps you to hide them from view, also they are no longer ordered alphabetically, but in the order that you created them;
  • Project template system is much more flexible now. You can create multiple templates and choose which one to you use when creating a new project. Additionally, the project list shows you wich ones are set as templates.
  • In addition a number of other small tweaks here and there.

Find details on how to edit your projects in our Knowledge Base.

By On December 1, 2011

  1. The progress bars next to the tasks are a step back in my opinion. The old version was much clearer, it was easier to see at a glance how far they were along, now it’s hard to see where the ‘unfilled’ background stops. A small border around the bar (#planned-tasks .progressbar) would make it much more visible.

    Another step back is that the percentage is missing now. Before the change it was possible to take a look at the percentage label and see if a task that was over time was at 105% (no problem) or at 200% (needs to be looked at). Now that’s not immediately visible, you need to compare the hours estimated and the hours booked in your head to get that information.

  2. First, thank you VERY much for putting the tasks of a job, in the Reports section, in order of when they were logged. That has been driving me absolutely nuts in recent weeks as I’ve had to go in nightly and cross-log my time to a client’s own system. This makes it MUCH easier for me to see what I did for that client each day, in order.

    Since I’m a solo freelancer, I don’t use the Team features, and because I’m not assigning tasks to anyone the items under the Tasks tab are also not really needed for myself. The link directly to Reports, however, is much appreciated. And thanks for not getting rid of the Notes!!!

  3. The tasks part makes Toggl a strong competitor to Asana… after all, having time and task altogether in a single interface is much better!

  4. Man, you folks have been rocking the updates lately!
    It is true that it adds an extra click, but that doesn’t negatively impact my use significantly.
    The modification I’d like to see made is an ability for the user to set a default for which of the tabs are active when you enter a project page. As a single user, the ability to manage team members is less useful than the ability to manage tasks.

  5. Liisa~

    Seriously, I’m very very happy about all the progress on Toggl and recommend it to everyone! Yesterday, I was actually wondering why I couldn’t delete individual projects, but now with this new layout, I can!

    Thanks again,

  6. The new interface just made my job a million times more difficult. Taking away the ability to assign the resource and task on the same page is one more page and click away. Not an effective user experience. Unless the new version is no rolled out correct, I’ve had to come out of the project in order to assign resources and hours to the project; again adding time to my tasks. The option to make the project time estimate visible should be a default setting where it can be turned off, instead of ensuring it is set for each project. Epic fail toggl. :