Editing projects has changed for the better. When you go to your Settings -> Projects page and open up one of the projects, this is what you will now see:

What we like about the new format:

  • Clearer layout  – making editing your project simpler and more user-friendly;
  • Sidebar with project activity – shows this week’s work on that particular project, just as the home page shows your total this week’s activity;
  • Mark tasks ‘done’ – this helps you to hide them from view, also they are no longer ordered alphabetically, but in the order that you created them;
  • Project template system is much more flexible now. You can create multiple templates and choose which one to you use when creating a new project. Additionally, the project list shows you wich ones are set as templates.
  • In addition a number of other small tweaks here and there.

Find details on how to edit your projects in our Knowledge Base.