Update: As of February 2017, the Toggl Pro is known as the Toggl Starter plan. Have a look here to compare our existing pricing plans!


If you’ve got a Toggl Pro subscription, you can now add custom billable rates for your team members!

This is something you guys have been asking about for a while – and we’ve heard you.

In the past, you could define a default hourly rate for the whole workspace, or set a custom hourly rate for a project or a project member.

But this new feature adds a lot more flexibility for those of you using time tracking with teams – especially if your fees are calculated by the hour.

Introducing team member rates

To give your team member a custom hourly rate, simply head to the “Team” tab and select “edit” at the checkbox in front of their name. This is what you’ll see:

Setting hourly rates for team member in Toggl

Don’t be disheartened by that Business feature note – that only applies for editing the other personal details. Adding team member rates is available to all Toggl Pro users!

How does it work?

In short – the team member rate adds another level of hierarchy for calculating billing in your reports.

For example – if you’re using a default workspace rate but think Debbie up there is worth a bit more, Toggl’s reports will reflect that. But if Debbie does some work on a project that pays a bit less than her normal fee, you can set a custom rate for that project:

In that case Toggl will look at the project’s rate instead of Debbie’s. And adding custom rates to the project’s members in turn overrides the project rate.

What else is new?

If you’re using the Toggl Android & iPhone apps, have a look here for an overview of the latest updates. Or, if the Toggl Desktop app is your productivity tool of choice, well then we’ve been working on that one too.

We also have a brand new support page! Head over there to get answers to any questions you might have (or email our customer support aces at support@toggl.com).