New native app for iPhone & iPad available now

The new-and-improved Toggl native app for your iPhone and/or iPad is now available for downloading! You can find it on the iTunes Store yourself or use this direct link to download it from here. Also works with the latest iOS5.

By On January 12, 2012

  1. @Sanjeev – the HTML5-app at has been reported to work on Win7 Phone via the browser, have you tried that?

  2. I second Amadeo’s comments. While I can appreciate a unified UI, the pre-iOS 5 design was much faster and responsive to input. I’ve been using the HTML 5 web version for a while now and this new version is not an upgrade over the older one…

  3. I’ve got to admit, while I like the overall look of it more, I really think it took a step backwards with the way you input the time now. It felt much more “native” when selecting hours and minutes was done with the scrolling wheel interface, and not the QWERTY keyboard. It faster, and given the fact that you’re working with numbers, just makes more sense…any chance of that returning?