New menu bar layout

You may notice that Toggl navigation layout has changed today.

Browse around and you’ll see that all the features you love about Toggl are still there, simply laid out a bit differently.

Notice, for example, the small Basecamp logo next to the ‘Beta development’ project indicating that this project is integrating with Basecamp for you:

The new design should be even more user-friendly and intuitive. If you have any questions, though, don’t hesitate to contact our Support.

This, along with the My Profile page changes, is another step towards bringing all of Toggl’s different parts that have been developed over time under one unified design. Now only the Reports page layout remains.

By On January 16, 2012

  1. @MarcyD – thanks for reporting it, we’re working on a fix right now, keep an eye out for it!

    @Cally B – If click on Settings (, you should be able to see the new layout. If not, please send me a screenshot at support [at]


  2. Recently I’ve been having trouble with the project name auto fill. I now have to type the whole name in the What are you working on? space. It used to work just fine. I could start typing and similar previous entries would pop-up. I would then select the entry I wanted and the job name would auto fill. Is anone else having this problem?

  3. I can’t see the new layout… every time I log onto Toggle I get an update link but it just takes me to this page. There has been no update… am I missing something?

  4. Aww…. but now on my 1024×768 screen, the far right gets cuts off by the scroll bar….

    (NOTE: Not a real complaint)
    Settings looks great.

  5. Hello there,

    A feature request from a user: It’s currently not clear from an entry when the interim (i.e. often multiple) start and stop times are for a particular task. While this info is not always needed, it’s extremely useful for me to see and, ideally, edit these times in order to accurately track and bill my time. I often leave the timer running by accident, and it can be a challenge to have to re-construct exactly when I re-started a job in the morning after working on it into the night (stopping for dinner, restarting it after dinner, stopping to take an unrelated call, restarting it, etc.).

    Many thanks!