A new look

We just updated Toggl website with a new design and a bit more content. The boys from Exact did a good job with the graphics, so we’re pretty pleased with the outcome.

Give us feedback on your impressions! And – don’t forget to have a nice Christmas.

By On December 20, 2007

  1. The system won’t let me change my password!

    I went to the link in the “change password” email.
    I enter my new password twice, and it takes me to a different change password page.
    Entering a password on that page does nothing.


  2. I hate it!
    I have to log in every time, even if I haven’t closed my browser. This is enough to make me seriously consider just writing my own local version for myself. You’ve made it a pain to use toggl.
    Also, the “Hours Saved” Badge is always blank.
    Lastly, the default font size for these comments is not even readable.