New layout for Reports

Toggl reports have gone through a major layout change to harmonize them with the rest of Toggl design:

The key changes are:

  • Report navigation changed – you have the Summary, the Details, and your familiar Weekly and Bookmarked;
  • Decimal viewΒ for time now available on web reports;
  • Rounding is now turned on from the top of the list;
  • Pie chart has moved to the sidebar;
  • Time entry edit no longer requires a ‘Save’ – it’s now automatic just as on the home page
By On February 16, 2012

  1. We require summary reports for specific selected dates. The new layout appears to allows for weekly reports only. We can also no longer generate weekly summary reports with time entries based on specific tasks, this is a major problem for our client.

  2. Hello. Can we please have different rates for different team members? The different rates for different projects doesn’t work.
    Can we also please have a way of ticking time off/archiving it once it’s been invoiced to the client. I’m really suprised that function isn’t here already.
    Love the rest of the features, thank you developers!

  3. need more flexibility with tags. I would like to be able to pull reports grouped by TAGS (you can know pull reports group by projects, clinets, users).

  4. I like the new report layout as it simplifies the functionality. Very good!

    BUT: I really need to be able to sort the time entries by project in the Detailed report. I suggest that you change the text in the current column “Description” to “Description / Project” (as this column shows both) and makes the text “Project” to a link, that will sort the entries by project. Very easy πŸ™‚

    And another issue. If you in the Summary report filter the entries by on or more users, and then click on an entry then the selection of users is not transfered to the view in the Detailed report. As a consequence I get more time entries (from other users also) than I would expect from the entries in the Summary report. So you just need to transfer the filtering of users when you do a link from the Summary Report to the Detailed report. Also very easy πŸ™‚

  5. Please return the pie chart to the printed report with percentages. I realize that the generation of the pie charts in the pdf’s is likely causing performance issues, but it was extremely useful and the only part of the report that our CEO and president were interested in.

  6. Previously when a bookmarkable report was generated for a client and ‘all projects’ was selected it would generate the bookmarked report from just the clients projects at that SPECIFIC POINT IN TIME. If a new project is created for the client after the bookmarkable report was generated it won’t show up in the report.

    Is this still the case?

  7. Nevermind, I found it under “detailed view”. I’d still really like to be able to see dates on the grouped time entry view.

  8. I thought the new layout was good until I found there is no way to show the date on the time entries list. I relied on this every week to fill out my reporting paperwork! How can I see the dates of the time entries without having to click on each one??

  9. Thanks for all the feedback here! The pie chart with %s will be back on the printable reports – we’re working on it now πŸ™‚