New in Toggl: planned tasks and more

1. The first new thing is planned tasks which is basically a way to categorize your tasks under a project and review each categories progress. You can set an estimate to every planned task and decide who has the access to track time under that planned task.

Planned tasks appear in the Timer as gray tasks, just like past tasks. However, when you hover over one with your mouse, it displays a small text “Planned task” in the bottom-right corner. When you click on it, Timer will start a new task which belongs to that specific planned task.

Planned tasks in the Timer

You can always keep an eye (estimate vs actual) on the progress of your planned tasks. The information is available on the project statistics page:

Progress of the planned tasks

NB! Planned tasks are available to Premium subscribers only! More info in our FAQ.

2. The second improvement is the ability to add/remove tags in the task edit view:

3. The third addition is export to a spreadsheet (XLS) file. You could use it as a base for an invoice.

NB! Spreadsheet export functionality is available to Premium subscribers only!

4. Furthermore, the new version includes optimizations, which will make Toggl faster for you.


Toggl Team

By On March 25, 2009

  1. There is no default list.
    However, we will shorty have the possibility to duplicate projects. That means if you want to create a new project you can duplicate an existing one. It then creates a new project with the same settings (planned tasks, billing, team members, etc).

  2. Is there a way to establish a list of planned tasks that are used for each project? Or do I need to enter the list of planned tasks each time I add a new project?