New Feature – Required Fields for Time Entries

Having trouble with incomplete time entries? Are your employees forgetting to add projects to their time entries? Toggl Business and Pro Plus admins can now specify what time entries have to look like before they can be added.

With a couple of ticked boxes, you can save tons of time and money on fixing other people’s timesheets:


Required fields for time entries in Toggl


With the required fields feature, you can make attaching projects, tasks, tags and entry descriptions mandatory for users in your workspace.

When anyone – including the admin – tries to stop or save an entry that does not fit the format you have specified, Toggl tells them what’s missing and won’t let them add the entry until it’s been fixed!


This feature can be used in Business and Pro Plus plans. You can upgrade your plan on the Subscription page.

By On April 7, 2016

  1. Good information you have wrote for us! It is very useful for us and will keep updating your articles. I hope you share useful blog in the fure!

  2. @Is Toggl AdWare? – Same problem here. We are a paying Team of 6 people and it’s really annoying to receive ads every single day on every single account. I asked the toggl team to stop using these ads or at least to implement an option in the settings to disable the ads, but see no changes until now. I wonder if even “Pro Plus” users receive ads to buy “Business” for 59 US$ / user / month – hahaha omg

  3. TOGGL: can you please stop selling upgrades and features with user interface on paid accounts? Notifications, pop-ups – and all that while we pay for Toggl?!

  4. Not related with this feature but I just checked what a new cool features can be bought with premium and found that data export is not available for free plan any more. When did this happen? I remember how I once export-import data to fix some log running problems with my project entries. Why the export is not allowed for free plan any more?

    • CSV export/import and PDF are still part of the free plan 🙂 Looks like we had a tiny mixup when we updated the plans page.

      Thanks for pointing this out – we’ll fix the pricing page ASAP 🙂

  5. I understand that the Business Plan allows for more in-depth analysis, and that is why it costs more. But this is a simple hack that should be available to ALL paid plans. I think it is unreasonable for toggl to make users pay for it.

  6. I am going to drop Toggl due to the price increase as soon as I can. While Toggl is a great product, doubling prices tells me I should not get too ingrained with it and should switch to a service that is more customer friendly.

    BTW, I am a Feedly Pro subscriber too. They raised their $5.00/month fee by about 33% but did not DOUBLE it and have no plans to foist the increase on their current subscribers anytime soon. Now that is loyalty.