New feature: Multi-select in report filters

As per popular demand, we have developed a new feature in the Reports filters – you can pick and choose any number of Projects or Clients or Users and compare the time you tracked between just the areas that you are interested in.

For example, I wanted to compare the time I spent on Web Design for only two of my clients, so I chose them in the project filter like this:

And got a nifty little pie chart like this:

Try it out and let us know all the ways you can make good use of this!

By On September 14, 2011

  1. I really like this feature. It would be great if the drop down was taller and potentially wider with multiple columns so it involved less scrolling within in the drop down.

  2. Awesome Features, good job team!

    One thing I’m currently missing is the ability to quickly make invoices without having to go into another application.

    Just make something basic 😉

  3. I have lost my ability to filter by client, which is 95% of what I use Toggl for. I’ve tried Command Shift R (on Mac) and nothing changed. I used to be able to see how many ours I had worked per day/week/month/custom time period by client, but now I am not able to do that. And, again, that’s the primary reason I use Toggl. Any idea what I can do to get that back?

  4. Thanks for the update indeed! However, in my opinion, the date range filter should be a part of other settings. Now, it’s not so convenient when after changing a date Toggl clears all other settings.

  5. @Liisa– I did the Ctrl Shift R to get chart back, but I still don’t see where I can filter by specific projects or specific clients. Where did that go?

  6. @Ellie – I’m glad you found it! It’s actually a brand new feature, before you were only able to select one project or all projects. Enjoy! 🙂

    @Viitek – we have now restored the ‘no tags’ filter in Reports, check it out!

    @Anna – try Ctrl Shift R (on Windows) or Command Shift R (on Mac) to see if you can get them back, contact me at support if not and I’ll take a closer look!

  7. Its seems to be some bugs in the interface, the dropdown, the chats are now missing on the report page and no new features are shown… please verify. Thanks!

  8. nice, but you also changed the “Tags” select, “No tags” option is missing now, please put it back!! I realy need to show only time entries with no tags …