New Feature: Bulk Edit For Projects

project bulk edit new

We have managed to release a new feature: bulk editing for projects!

This can be done on the Projects page by ticking the boxes in front of the Project names and then selecting Bulk Edit from the pop-down menu at the top of the list. That’s how it looks like:

bulk edit

If you are using a Pro Workspace like most of our fans you’ll have many editing options: you can set the projects as Billable or Non-Billable and set a new rate for the selected Projects. You can also transform all selected Projects into templates or remove them as such. In addition to that you can of course edit team members, Clients and Project color. If needed you can even create Clients from the same place.

If something doesn’t seem to be working or you simply just want to tell us how cool this is, then is for that! Happy toggling!

By On October 22, 2014

  1. Hey there! Is it possible to bulk edit entries, to change the project? You know, where one user repeatedly chooses a different project from the one intended?

    Also is there a way to merge projects? Again where a user has created two of the same named projects?


  2. I’m a student and Toggl is the best discovery I’ve made for tracking my time. Thank you so much for adding these awesome features. Bulk editing will make my life much easier. New colors would be great as well!

  3. Was thinking recently while changing something across multiple projects that bulk editing would be great. Thanks!

    I’m on the color train also. We’re already using the entire palette two or three times over. A small nitpick for sure, but something useful nonetheless.

    Might there be any plans for a simple search field in the mobile app? I may work on 5 projects in a day and some of them span a week or more. I love the swipe to restart a project but sometimes find myself having to scroll way, way down that tiny screen looking for the last entry of a task.

  4. More colors please… ~;-). I’m running out of colors for projects and clients. Is there a way to plug in custom colors and/or choose from more than what I’m seeing in the color chooser?

    That would be great!

    PS — LOVE Toggl. I’m a freelancer with several clients. It makes my time-tracking SO much easier. I’ve passed it on to a few other freelancers as well. They love it too. Thanks for continuing to make it better!