New feature: Bookmarked reports

You can now bookmark your reports to easily retrieve them later for yourself or share with people outside your team.

Each bookmarked report gets a specific URL address that you can send to your team mates, managers or clients, regardless of whether they even have a Toggl account or not. This means that bookmarking will enable you to share your report with absolutely anyone that you want to share it with.

Bookmarked reports will replace the current public reports feature. One important difference between the two is that you can now set exactly those filters and parameters for your reports that you want your client to see, and this is all that they will get, including for example time rounding. No new public reports can be created any more, but the current ones will stay available for another three months.

Your should check the article in our Knowledge base for further instructions and details about this feature. Note that this is a Pro plan feature only.


By On October 10, 2011

  1. Thanks for adding this feature, but I’m trying to save a report for my own personal use. For example: ‘All clients’, ‘Billable’, ‘No Tags applied’, ‘In the last Month’. When I bookmark this report and then return to it I get the report, but am unable to change any of the criteria, or even click through to see individual project details.

    I can understand that this would be useful for a client to view, but would it be possible to add a checkbox which allowed you to specify if you wanted the search criteria to be editable. Every time I go into the reports section I’m having to specify the same criteria as I can’t bookmark the URL or the search criteria.

    Also, if I don’t select ‘fix daterange’ the reports reverts back to ‘this week’ even if the bookmarked report had a different date range specified.

    One last thing (promise) Any chance you could add ‘Date Range: In the last [x] days. This would give the user a bit more flexibility on their default search criteria.

    Having said all that… Would it be possible to add an option which set the current search criteria as default. That way bookmarks would continue to work as-is.

    Thanks 🙂

  2. This is a milestone! Well done, I’ve been waiting for this for ages. The public reports were flawed in that clients got very confused when they had to choose the month of activity they wanted to review themselves. Nice work, this nails the issue!

  3. The “Export list to..”-buttons are not working in the report section. This applies to the Norwegian language – when I turn to English the buttons works. Can you take a look at this, please!