New Android App Sneak Peek And Call For Beta Testers

New Toggl Android App

A month ago we teased you about a new Android application that we are working on. Today we are going to tell you a bit more about it.

We have completely rewritten our application as a native Android application. The graphical design is based on familiar Android design language and feels natural to use on your Android phone.

One of our goals with the redesign was to make time tracking on your phone as effortless as possible. The result is a clean interface designed for quickly entering what you’re doing and getting back to doing it.

New Toggl Android App Screenshots

One of the main changes we have made on the mobile compared to the web and desktop, is that projects are the most important information about the current time entry. It can be seen from the screenshots above. This will get some time to get used to, but we’re sure everybody will come to love it.

In that spirit we have introduced a recent time entries’ screen. There you can see all of your time entries from the past 9 days compiled into a simple project & description based list. If you really want to, you can still see a detailed breakdown of every time entry you’ve ever made on the log screen.

We have also leveraged Android notifications to the fullest. Whenever you are tracking time, we show a reminder of it in your notifications, where you can also quickly stop the running time entry. This works for time entries started from the mobile, web & desktop. Now you can quickly stop the time entry you forgot running when you ran out of the office!

Call for beta testers!

If you are as excited as we are about this new app and want to get it onto your phone NOW, you need to become a beta tester! The beta version still has some rough edges, needs some more polish, but for everyday tasks it is stable – we use it daily ourselves.

The new app requires Android 4.0.1 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or later. In order to get access to the beta version of the application on Google Play store you need to first complete some steps and opt in. If for whatever reason you wish to opt out later, it is just as simple as opting in.

New Toggl Android App How to

First, you need to join our Android beta testers Google+ community. We try to accept all new applicants as quickly as possible, G+ will notify you when you have gained access to the community. There is a link “Get Android beta app” (see illustration above) on the community page, from which you can opt into the beta. After opting in, you can update your current Toggl app to the new beta version directly from the Google Play app. (Note: you will still see the old screenshots and description in Google Play, so don’t be alarmed.) If you don’t get the beta version immediately you just need to wait until Play Store notifies you of available updates.

All feedback, bug reports and feature requests should be posted in the Google+ community under the correct topic. This is your chance to shape the development of the app and make sure that when it is officially released it is to your liking.

We are hoping to release the final app within a month, but for that we need your feedback!

By On March 14, 2014

  1. looks good… is there also coming a native ios app? the current hybrid based approach is too slow