Need help? Toggl’s Got a Brand New Support Page!

After a lot of tinkering, it’s finally here – the new and improved Toggl support page.

As with all new things, there might be bugs hiding somewhere deep in the page. This is where we could use your help. If you see anything that looks weird, broken or out of place, please let us know at The same goes for your ideas about what to add or what to change.

toggl blog - new support page

We’re hoping the new support page will make it much easier for you to find information on Toggl’s growing list of tricks and features.

But if all else fails, the Toggl support team will always be there to answer your questions. And while we work as fast as we can on your questions, we’ve written down some helpful tips on how you can make the whole process quicker. In short – help us help you!


Take a look and let us know what you think!

By On June 19, 2015

  1. Helpful would be a link to a page that showed issues being addressed for each app. For instance, all the latest issues with the Windows Desktop and Android App.