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Need Help with Toggl? Say Hello to the Toggl Masters.

The Toggl Master program puts new users in touch with certified consultants with tons of Toggl experience.

We have now reached that point, where we have found our very first clever, active Toggl users who are excited to explain why tracking time goes together with a productive workflow. They are the ones who are going to help teams understand how to use our features to the fullest, but also offer advice on how to get their employees to track their time, and be more efficient.

Now we need you – our awesome (new) clients, who are looking to boost your efficiency.

It doesn’t matter if you need someone motivating your team to track time, someone who will show you how to use different features or someone who will give you advice on how tracking time can be used to change your business practises for the better.

Who are the Toggl Masters?

Toggl Masters are different from our customer support, as they’re professional consultants offering a full coaching service.

So while our customer support heroes are there to help you with any Toggl related questions and concerns, the consultants will also be able to teach you how to tailor Toggl to your business’ specific needs.

How can I receive help from a consultant?

If you feel a bit lost, please sign up for the program here. We will reach out to you and see if we can find a consultant for you in your area.

We’ve already seen huge interest from consultants around the world to hop on board – hopefully your team will be as excited to see what they can learn from these Toggl Masters.

So thank you for choosing Toggl, and here’s to hoping for a brighter, more productive future!

Happy toggling,


By On March 21, 2017

  1. Hi there, how can I change time on a past week. Example 6 June it tracked 23 hours which is impossible (“,) since I am human and I surely made a mistake. I just need to fix it.

  2. I set up this account a couple of weeks ago and can’t remember if this is a free subscription or if it’s a trial version? I want to have a couple of employees use this to track their task.

  3. On my screen, right hand lower corner, instead of having the symbol “LOAD MORE”, I now have Need Help from a Consultant.

    I do not need help, but I do need the Load More Button…According to my colleagues, looking at the same screen in a different city, the Load More symbol should be where I have the Need Help…

    I cannot click on a delete symbol for the Need Help from a Consultant message…so I cannot Load more dates to adapt.
    Please advise as I cannot change any previous entries

  4. […] complex system that you’d like a dedicated expert’s opinion on, consider joining our Toggl Masters Program for one-on-one consultations. […]

  5. I’m suddenly getting a notice that if I close my Toggl I will lose information. Nothing I do “saves” the information or stops the notice.

    What’s to do?

    please help.



    • Please contact us (support(at)toggl(dot)com) and let us know what platform are you using for tracking time (webapp, mobile app, desktop app). A print screen with the error message would be very informative as well.

  6. I was using Toggl quite a bit to track my time and that of my staff. Unfortunately, there is now an issue that states my workspace has been suspended and I have no idea how to resolve. Can’t seem to get anywhere and neither can my team.

    • Sorry to hear that you’re having issues with accessing your workspace. Please reach out to us via support(at)toggl(dot)com and we’ll check what might be the cause. Remember to share the email address your Toggl account is connected with 😉

  7. Hello I like to work with you and I need you to tell me by email that I have to do to win the time and I’m almost sorry I need help by email. A friend told me that you send a link by email and one checks it and sends it to you .. please tell me what to do step by step .. thank you -lulu

  8. How do I log something onto the system when I return to the office having not logged it at the time?