Mobile is open source

The new completely native iOS timer app has been just submitted for AppStore review. As such we would like to officially announce that both of our Android and iOS apps are fully open source on Github!

We want all of the development to happen out in the open. That way you can see exactly what we are working on and what our native applications do on your phones. We want to give you an option to participate in the process and help us make the most awesome time tracking application to date.

You can participate by reporting bugs, posting feature requests in our issue tracker – this will be much appreciated. Doing this will also give you feedback when the fixes (and features) have been implemented and can be expected to appear in our apps.

Should you want to go the extra mile, you can even fork the project and add features that are useful to you. If you want those improvements to be available to every Toggl users you can submit a pull request and they might make it into the next release!

We use Xamarin products to develop our mobile applications which gives us the ability to share a lot of code between platforms. This also means, that it’s possible to fairly easily create custom Toggl applications for platforms we don’t currently support (ie. Windows Phone) or where you want to see something different from what we offer ourselves. The C# code can be reused on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows, Linux, OSX.

We are also expanding our mobile team to be able to develop the apps faster, to make them even better and to integrate with more capabilities that the phones offer. For more information take a look at our jobs page for Xamarin/.NET mobile developer position. Don’t forget to tell your friends who you think might find this position interesting!