Menu bar icon for Mac users

All Mac users – you can now see your status at a glance! Enable the Toggl menu bar icon to make it always tell you whether you’re working or not and for how long.

Open Preferences on the Desktop app to enable the menu bar icon:

Now check your menu bar to find the icon. When you’re not working, the Toggl button is grey. Hover over the icon to see your total hours for the day:

When you are working on something, your Toggl button is red and will show you the time as it’s running. Just click on the button for more actions:

The menu bar icon is included in the latest update. If you don’t have the newest Toggl desktop yet, you can download it now.

By On January 30, 2012

    • Hi Jonathan, it’s a HTML5 based user interface and looks the same on all different platforms. It’s the way we want to proceed with Toggl.

  1. I second a concern that Jason mentioned. I used to be able to stop/start the timer in a project and it would just add the time to that project. Now a new entry is created, despite the button saying “Continue.” I hope this gets addressed. The additional entries make the timesheet very cluttered and negatively impacts readability.

  2. After testing the new software out today, I’m sad to report that so much great functionality of the previous version has been removed, that I will be returning to the last version.

    For example, in the previous version, you could simply type directly into the main (and only) content window to edit the time recorded for the current project. In this version, I don’t see any way to do that. I have to click the current project, which brings up a new section, click the time recorded, and then type, clicking the continue button up top to start recording again. At this point, the thing adds a NEW time sheet with the same exact name. Why?

    Huge step backwards with this version.

  3. Also, it appears some great functionality was removed in this version. Now, you have to go to a new section to delete a time entry, instead of being able to do it from the main section. Actually, come to think of it, the last version didn’t even have two sections. Why does this one?

  4. Thanks for the update, and while I appreciate that Toggl is being actively developed, I was sad to see that the information now takes up three times as much room as it used to. I would prefer an option for a “condensed” layout in the future. Thanks!

  5. Like AM I also discovered I can’t use the new toggl desktop on my Mac. It took me 10 minutes to find and reinstall the old version. It would be helpfull if system requirements are mentioned on the download page…

  6. I just downloaded the menu bar for Mac. After I downloaded, I opened it and it showed that I can not use this TogglDesktop on my Mac. I’m on Mac OS 10.5.8
    Toggl says it’s for all Mac users. Not useful.

  7. Thanks for the heads up. I do want to mention that I just spent about 2-3 minutes poking around your website trying to find where to download the most recent version of the Toggl Desktop. I was unsuccessful and I had to come back to this blog and search for the link here.