Making the Switch to Web Apps

I read a feature today on the Vitamin website (a great source for info concerning new and exciting web developments) about the small team at Carson Systems transitioning from a “traditional, expensive desktop software to a connected, cheap and collaborative work environment”.

Here at Toggl we can relate to the trials and tribulations of Carson Systems, but are also benefiting greatly (both in efficiency and economically) from the changes we’ve made.

Our choices for web apps differ a bit from the feature, though we do use Google calendar and find it pretty sufficient. For IMing we use Skype chat (come on, we ARE in Estonia) and it’s great . We use Openoffice for spreadsheets. It’s free and easy to use, so that makes us happy. (Ryan Carson doesn’t have good things to say about the spreadsheet web app Tables…we’ll stick with Openoffice!) Toggl is perfect for us to track time and create reports…it’s convenient and free as well.

This is an interesting article for any small business considering switching over to web apps. We are excited about how far web apps have come over the last few years and look forward to the developments that will roll out in the near future.

Enjoy the weekend everyone!


By On November 3, 2006