Make The Week Your Bi*ch – Plan & Execute.

James originally wrote this for his augmented reality marketing agency, and kindly let us republish it for the Toggl community. Thanks James!

This is a short article and there is a reason for it. It’s Sunday night and I’ve just finished a quick 30 min planning session over a beer. I don’t care too much for working on a Sunday but I detest wasting half my Monday getting my head in the game. So I’ll keep this brief and get back to my Sunday evening.

Being quick out of the gate on a Monday morning while your friends are posting statuses from their desks like “I wish there was a day between Saturday and Sunday” or “F*ck Monday I hate my job” is crucial. Not only is it crucial for being effective for those first hours of the week, but also it sets the tone and rhythm for what is hopefully going to be a productive week.

I’m convinced most people don’t get up and running productivity-wise until Tuesday or Wednesday. That’s when they like to award themselves with another social media medal like their usual “thank god its Hump-Day” post.

To stop the cycle of underperformance, we’re going to start the cogs turning on Sunday.

Plan & Execute

  • Work life balance. Sunday planning isn’t all about your job. It’s about getting you to Friday night feeling like you’ve had a fulfilling week in all aspects of your life. So fetch a notepad, iPad or whatever app you’re currently using to take notes and write down the goals, personal and professional for the week.
  • Keep things macro. The Sunday plan shouldn’t drill down into the tiny details of your emails you’ll send to your team, or the number of deadlifts you’re going to smash out at the gym. This is simply a task to get your mind focusing on what you really want to achieve in the week ahead. It’s like rails for a train; it’s keeping you on track.
  • Stop putting it off. Are there things you’ve been meaning to do for a few weeks now and just not got around to it? Make peace with yourself by deciding at this moment, beer in hand on your Sunday, if you are actually going to achieve it. If you are that’s amazing, make time for it and write it down. If it’s not important enough and you’re still putting it off, delete it. That’s amazing too. Move on and focus on things you’re actually going to achieve.
  • Plan something for the weekend you’ll look forward to. Write that down and now you’ve got something on the horizon that you’ll enjoy thinking about almost as much as when you achieve it over your weekend.

Habits are easy to fall into and hard to break. So make the Sunday plan a habit that you can’t do without. Practice it a little and you’ll be blown away by the transformation it will have on your output and satisfaction levels for the week ahead.

By On July 15, 2015

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