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Make a Product Hunt Collection, Win an iPad

UPDATE: The winning collection is Grad Student Life by Artur Berger. We loved Artur’s collection because it’s comprehensive, useful and universally funny. Thanks to everyone who joined the contest! 

At Toggl, we use Product Hunt daily to discover new products, stay on track with new releases of products we already use and discuss daily tech innovations with the smartest bunch around.

Lately, we’ve become obsessed with Product Hunt collections – you can find anything from Emoji products to Products of the future on there. These lists are super useful, whether you’re looking for a remote job, starting a new career or just trying out online dating.

It’s also interesting to see new uses of tools, great hacks people have discovered and the tools loved by the people I follow. One of my all time favourites, for example, is of this gigantic list of hacks to make your life easier, from getting text alerts on cheap flights to sorting your Gmail inbox to look like a Trello board.

We’ve noticed that our users are using Toggl for some pretty interesting things too – like tracking how much time it takes to develop a game, to write a PHD thesis or to plan a wedding. Hey, one team even uses real time Toggl data in their shape-shifting logo!

Show us your list

To celebrate the ingenuity of our community, we’re organising a contest to find out about the most creative uses of Toggl.

Here’s the gameplan: Make a Product Hunt collection showcasing the tools you use daily and how you get the most out of them. Then submit the link in the comments here or tweet it to us at @Toggl. Just don’t forget to include us in your list!

The winner – chosen by our team – will be announced on Wednesday, February 24th. The winner gets a shiny new iPad Air and some Toggl swag to boot!

For more inspiration, check out some collections Toggl is already featured in!

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May the best Hunter win!

By On February 17, 2016

  1. Sorry left out what I all use it for. I find that juggling so many different platforms and applications while still trying to maintain social media listings, websites (and yes stocks, sigh) just makes for a hellish day. So every single thing on this list I suggest for others to at least try out and of course Toggl. 😛

    • Hey Justin, thanks for the feedback 🙂 The collection looks rad! Unfortunately the contest is over and we already have a winner, but keep an eye on our blog for future contests 🙂

  2. Here is my list:

    I noticed that a lot of what I use in my daily workflow isn’t nearly cool (marketable) enough to earn a listing on product hunt.

    I’m a graduate student who reads a lot of journal articles and makes notes on them as I am writing my thesis. I work on different platforms from day to day, and spend a lot of time at the command line, usually writing code or prose in Vim.

    What I really value:
    * Vim
    * Tmux
    * Terminal
    * Git (shell commands)
    * A fast PDF reader (Preview/Evince)

    Thanks for putting on this contest. Toggl has helped me make a record of what I do. Now you have helped me think about how I do it.

  3. As a senior in college, these tools help me stay organized, stay on task, and collaborate with my peers on group projects.

    I just discovered Toggl this week and I think it’s brilliant! I currently use Toggl to record the time I spend studying for the CFA Level I exam. My goal is to study ~3 hrs/day and I use the weekly report to see whether or not I am on track to reaching my goal.

    I look forward to testing out the billable time-entries feature once I graduate and have more time to dedicate towards my freelance web design business.

    • Hey Josh, welcome to Toggl, I hope you’ll keep enjoying the tool. The collection is really cool, we’ll keep you posted!