We released a new version that addresses two of the biggest complaints about the new version. Here they are:

  • Possibility to change the behaviour of continuing a time entry. There is a new user setting, “Store start and stop time”. If enabled, everything will work like it has – every time block is a separate entry. However, if you disable that setting, new time entries will only have the duration and no start/stop times. When continuing a time entry, you’ll continue the same time instance and not create a new one. That should result in a behaviour like you see in our Nano and Classic timers, but without any start/stop times.

    So, if you dislike the way the new version handles continuing a time entry, go to “Settings” -> “My account” and un-check the “Store start and stop time” setting.
  • If you enter a duration to new time entry form and press Enter, a new time entry will be created without starting the timer. This way it acts more like in the old version.