Major Maintenance This Saturday

UPDATE: Toggl is back online! Be aware that some timeouts and slowdown might happen within the next few hours. Thank you for your patience!

We’ll be doing some major maintenance on Toggl this Saturday, June 10th, starting at 6:30UTC.  The maintenance should take about 8 hours to complete.

Take a look here to see what time the maintenance will start in your time zone.


You’ll still be able to use the Toggl desktop and mobile apps in offline mode – once the maintenance is done, the apps will sync their data with the website.


Hopefully this won’t cause too much inconvenience for you. The maintenance itself is part of a bigger effort to upgrade our services and once it’s all done, Toggl should be better than ever!


P.S. This is also a great excuse to spend the Saturday at the beach! 🏄🏽





By On June 8, 2017

  1. After the newest update rolled out (June 10th), I can start and stop the timers just fine but I have an issue with deleting tags. I am not able to whether the timer is running or not… it just resets and adds the tag back on a few seconds after I delete it.

  2. 8 hours maintenance is much to long, this is my whole workday here in Europe!
    Next time use a beter time frame of make it shorter…

    • Hey Olaf, we understand the inconvenience but this type of maintenance is inevitable and it’s sometimes better to take a longer time frame in order to be sure everything is working as it should. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

  3. That was sudden… 🙁 I use chrome extension to work with Toggle and it doesn’t work when it can’t sync. So I can’t log time now and can’t stop my current timer :(( have to log time manually and wait for the end of maintenance to fill all the hours manually. That’s pretty big inconvenience

    • We tried to communicate it a few days in advance via various channels (twitter, email, blog, Facebook): I’m sorry if the information didn’t reach you in time, Ilya. Unfortunately in order to keep things running smoothly this type of maintenance is inevitable. Just to share with you the update of current progress – our developers are happy with the progress and we expect the downtime to be over according to the schedule. We’ll notify as soon as everything is up and running – keep an eye on our twitter / FB account or blog. We are very sorry for the current inconvenience.

  4. why have you sanctioned Iranian users, prohibit them from syncing their data registration and logging into your service?

    • Hey Mahdi! A while back we moved our servers to hosting provided by Google and since some of Google’s services and IP addresses are blocked in Iran unfortunately Toggl is indeed out of reach.

  5. Same issue as Victor… My toggle won’t stop running and all the workspaces and client information is missing.