Long-running timer notification

The My Profile page has seen an end-of-year redesign. All features work just as before, but there’s an important new feature:

You can now ask Toggl to send you a notification when your timer has been running for more than 8 hours – you can then react if and as necessary. Simply tick the box and be notified!


Best wishes to you all for the remaining days of this year – send 2011 off with a bang! 😉

Toggl team

By On December 29, 2011

  1. Thanks for the good words!
    As for JJ’s and Mari’s comments – we are working on the iPhone app, meanwhile we recommend using

  2. Same wish as JJ had. The mobile app crashes every time when I try to open it, it would be easy to stop timer with that on the way home from office, because that’s where I usually remember I have my Toggl still running.

  3. Perfect ! Great feature. Every once in a while some tasks do stay on unnoticed until you look at reports for example. Now you can re-edit the task to fit the real time frame. Genius!

  4. Great job Toggl team on a functional and well thought out time tracking tool! I am excited to see what 2012 holds in store for Toggl and have just implemented it (after much research) among a small team here at the office and have high hopes this could work for our entire firm in due time. Please continue your great work and attentive listening to your clients and fans. Happy New Year!