LETO – Location Based Time Tracking for Toggl

This is an older article about a 3rd party app that is no longer supported by its creators. 

Toggl also has a new Toggl iPhone app out – check it out in app store!


Toggl users are known for hooking our API to create all sorts of amazing tools.

LETO is an agency focused on helping businesses deliver innovative tech solutions and to show off their skill, they’ve created a location based time tracker for Toggl.


Tracking time spent on tasks is almost as important as working on the tasks themselves . Knowing how long it takes to complete a task or a project aids in overall project planning and the ultimate success of that project. This is true for most businesses and for us at LETO is no different.

We started using Toggl two years ago, and it has been a great experience so far. But every rose has its thorns, and in our experience it was difficult to ensure that team members were tracking every task.

The issue

Most of our team members see time tracking as a task in itself and not a part of the process. As we started to identify most of the pain points on tracking time, we discovered that most team members would track their time properly when they change tasks or start a new task, but most of them would forget to even start their timer when they arrive at the office.

Stopping the timer at the end of the day was also proving to be a pain point for most. Everyone was so focused on performing their tasks that most of the times the timer would be tracking through the night until the next morning, or sometimes even the weekend.

The solution

We thought that there needed to be a better way to fix this issue. And it became clear that to fix it we would need to build an app. The idea was simple – the app had to start the timer when the user arrives to the office and stop it as soon as the user leaves premises.

We had some iBeacons laying around the office, which is a technology standard that allows apps to listen for signals from beacons in the physical world and react accordingly.

Toggl offers a well documented API so we easily built an app that starts or stops a task given the detection of the beacon we have in the office:



We then decided to share the app with the world. To make it easier to start using the app we added the ability to define the office location on a map using geofencing, a virtual perimeter for a real­ world geographic area:


The app sends a notification every time it’s performing an action, and the user can act on that notification in case there has been a mistake:


As the app started to gain popularity, a list of requested features started to build up, and we’ve already incorporated some of them in the current version -­ a weekly graph with the tracked time, a way to­ start a new task from within the app , and starting a new task from the Apple Watch:


And that’s how LETO Toggl ­ location based time tracker was born!

Cool, where can I get it?

We built two versions of the app: one for iOS, which also offers an Apple Watch app, and another for Android. Enjoy.

What’s coming next?

For the future our intention is to focus on the location awareness capability of the app. Our road map includes an ability to add more than one geofencing and iBeacons, so you can use the app in different offices. We also want to add an ability to start a specific task based on the location, e.g. start a task with a tag ‘Meeting’ if the user enters a meeting room.


For more tips on how to make the most out of Toggl, check out our guide to 5 Useful Toggl features you didn’t know about.

By On September 16, 2016

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