Load issues

We are experiencing severe load on our servers at the moment, which is why Toggl web is so slow. If you can, we recommend you use Toggl Desktop for tracking for the time being.

We are working on the load issues right now, trying to fix this as quick as we can.

Please bear with us, we are extremely sorry about this!

By On May 4, 2012

  1. Thanks, everyone, we really appreciate the support and understanding you’ve shown us here!

    Good point about the notification, though – a learning point for us if we should come across a similar situation again 🙂

    For all of you having problems with Toggl Desktop, please email support [at] to give us a more detailed account of the problem you’re having and which version of the desktop app you’re using. Then we can go about solving the issues case by case.

    Thanks again,
    Toggl Team

  2. Heh, I never lost anything. A few entries had to wait to get uploaded to the server. You guys performed better during an “outage” than many others do while running as expected.

    Desktop Client Win7-64 never had a problem taking and storing my time.

  3. 1 what Seth said: still getting that notification too …
    Web interface and the mobile client (windows phone 7) working with no problems. Desktop client on windows 7 ist dead 🙁

  4. This notification for this is still showing up after logging in to the web interface. I would think this had gone unsolved for 4 days if I hadn’t read the comments.

  5. My desktop program continues to complain about not being able to save data. Is this still an issue?

  6. Cult of Toggl x2! Appreciate the quick turnaround – and LOVE Toggl! Thanks for creating & supporting such a great app. 🙂

  7. Cult of Toggl!

    You need to put the date AND time on your blog posts, to see the quick turnaround on this bug! 🙂