Get 20% Extra Pro Credit With Limited Holiday Offer

Save money with Toggl limited offer

Great news for all the Pro togglers! From Dec 15th to Jan 11th, we’ll add 20% extra Pro credit if you pay for a year. 

Just go to your subscription page and make the pre-payment!

NB: Free plan users must first upgrade to Pro to see the offer.

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By On December 15, 2014

  1. You might want to tweak your blogging software to keep old discounts from showing up in related posts. This discount seemed good until I saw another discount that was better.

  2. Same Here, no extra 20% and the credits expire on Jan 2016, so looks like I won’t be able to use the extra if my team stays the same.

    Can you please confirm that?


    • It can take a few minutes for the payment to get processed and the extra credit to appear on your Subscription page. If this takes longer, feel free to get in touch with us via your Toggl account help page ( so we can investigate 🙂

  3. Not very transparent. So this isn’t a real 20% discount, right? 20% will be added to your balance to get then more months included I suppose…?

  4. Hey Jason, great to hear you’re interested in the offer! It’s not actually a discount – instead, if you pay for 12 months, we will add an extra 20% of the amount that you paid, to your workspace pre-paid balance. If your team size stays the same throughout this time, this basically gives you over two months extra time on Toggl for the same amount of money.