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As some of you already know, we’ve been actively developing New Toggl. It’s still a work in progress but we encourage you to start using it! You can already easily track your time and enjoy the nicer looking design on the way.

All the tracked data is in sync with your account and you can easily switch back to the older Toggl version whenever you want to. We are adding more functionality as we go, so keep an eye on our blog!

The latest addition to New Toggl is Summary Report (see the picture above). It looks much better than before and should be more easier to use. Nevertheless, we need YOUR help to make things even better! So help us out by using New Toggl for your everyday time tracking and send us feedback based on your experience. Use the “bug” icon on the upper right part of the page or send us an e-mail to  

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By On August 14, 2013

  1. Don’t fix it if it ain’t broken.

    The new design looks bad (modern looking, but not intuitive at all); it’s slow and sluggish.

    The old design was worlds better than this gooey sticky thing up on my monitor.

    The main reason people started using toggl in the first place was the simplicity, ease of use, and the slick responsiveness. Not to mention, the whole interface was totally intuitive. I could just jump right in, and start using it and liked it.
    The new toggl, not so much. Everything from changing the time, to switching or selecting projects, is so slow.
    I’m going back to using the old toggl until it’s available.
    Old toggl = A perfect usable tool perfect for the purpose
    New toggl = A shiny modernistic looking thing which looks good, and that’s the only thing good about it.


  2. Toggl is a great service, unfortunately let down by a completely unnecessary redesign that has made it completely unintuitive to use for the sake of, I guess, looking “flat and modern”. Such a shame.

  3. I like blue. I like green. White text on cyan, magenta, mustard, chartreuse and ketchup? …not so much.
    I like compact. Spread-out with yards of space and tiny text?…not so much.
    I like knowing where and when to click. Black error clouds?…not so much.
    I like ridiculously simple. Half-full dollar signs? …not so much.
    I like rounding my time. Having to switch it on and off? …not so much.
    I like numbers that add up. Numbers that don’t? …not so much.
    I like things that hold still. Screen animation? …not so much.
    I like to see the button’s I’m pushing. Hovering around? …not so much.
    I definitely like buttons that don’t move when data changes
    I definitely like(d) detailed report sorted by date
    I wish there was a separate calendar for start date/time and for end date/time…having one calendar for two date-time stamps? …not so much.
    I like sharp black text on light background. Gray on gray?…not so much.
    I like two ii’s. Two aa’s?… uh, er…uh…shucks?

  4. I am someone who is just starting to use time tracking software. I thought I had settled on Toggl. The reason that I have put Toggl top of my list is the design of the current version.

    However, I saw the blog post about the new version and logged into it. In total honesty, it has me now continuing my search for a time tracking system. The new version is much less readable and intuitive. It does not seem simple at all. The specific comments from your current users about what they don’t like seem valid to me and I am literally headed off your site right now to see if I can find something else. The new version has deterred me from becoming a new user.

  5. Not long ago I paid for 1 year subscription in advance. Nobody told me you were planning to replace the site with a shiny new gadget. I’m a dev myself and I feel more and more buffled when I see yet another site doing a revamp of something that works and make it “touch friendly and put_your_bazzword_here”. When do companies realize that they don’t have to follow every stupid trend on the market to stay afloat and be prosperous? Listen to your user base for once. Unless you write the app for yourself.

    Will I get a refund if I don’t like your new site? Are you going to force everyone to use the new one and if so, when do you plan to do that? As a paying customer, I’d like to know in advance when the inconvenience gonna sweep in. Just to be prepared.

  6. I applaud your efforts to keep innovating… I’m sure you’ve worked quite hard on this deployment… I hope a good cross of “before and after” can be found.

  7. Again, thanks for all your comments!

    There’s a new post in blog that helps to explain about the rationale behind the New Toggl. So it is not so much “messing around for the sake of it” but rather a necessity. There is still a lot of work to be done in New Toggl, more features to be added, more browsers to be supported and – of course – optimizations to be worked out. It is still very much a work in progress. But we believe The New Way is the way forward.

    So thank you for your active participation – we really appreciate this! And please do look forward to new features being introduced over coming weeks!