Keyboard shortcuts for Toggl Desktop. Opinions?


We are soon going to implement global keyboard shortcuts for Toggl Desktop. The first shortcuts include starting and stopping the current task and creating a new task.

What do you think should be the default key combinations for these actions? You can leave your opinion in the comments.

By On June 10, 2010

  1. Seeking these additions:

    * ‘r’ or ‘cmd-R’ (or something similar) to refresh
    * ‘cmd-‘ (or something similar) to move Toggl Desktop screen view back to “main list” (very handy for when I’ve just finished typing the name of a new timer entry and want to easily view the “main list” without having to use a mouse/trackpad).


  2. Any progress on this feature?
    I would love to have a global shortcut for the desktop app so that I can start/stop a project whenever someone pops into my office to ask a question, etc.

    • Hi Chris, we will release a new version of Toggl Desktop soon. It will feature keyboard shortcuts in some form.

  3. 1 for configurable, though I suspect you’re already planning that. It still makes sense to gather opinions on default keys.

    Personally, I would rarely interact with toggl without it being in focus as I’m usually switching from one project to another and need to see what’s going on. My recommendations for hotkeys would be very different depending on if they were global or local.

  4. While I agree that power-users are the audience here, and that ultimately, any global shortcuts must be configurable, if defaults must be chosen, then Winkey combinations are best for Windows platforms. (And I’ll add my vote to @Kev’s for those combos.)

    • I use Spotlight to launch aitipcaplons. E.G. to launch Safari cmd space, type saf’ and hit return. Set up Spotlight to list apps first: System Preferences>Spotlight>Search Results. It is, for me, much faster and more efficient to remember cmd space and the name of the app than to memorize yet another keyboard shortcut.

  5. As earlier was offered, best practice – is configurable shortcuts (because conflicts wouldn’t keep waiting).

  6. Jaanus, Keyboard shortcuts are for “power-users”. A power user is very particular his/her own personal setup. If you make your keyboard shortcuts a global thing, you MUST make them configurable, so that they don’t interfere with other shortcuts that a power-user might be attached to. Another option would be to keep the shortcuts local to the toggl app, and let the user make their own software manage global shortcuts. For example, as a Mac user, I use a program called Spark. It allows me to control everything from itunes/pandora, toggl, skype, thunderbird, etc with whatever global keyboard shortcuts I choose. I’m sure there’s an app like this for windows users. In short, make it configurable, or keep it local.

  7. Hell yeah, shortcuts would be great! I use xmonad as WM and thrown away my mouse 😉 I’m with Eric .. why can’t I configure the shortcuts?!

  8. Start Timer: CTRL-T
    Stop Timer: CTRL-Q
    New Task: CTRL-N

    Simple and Logical. (T=timer, Q=quit timer, N=new task)

  9. The Winkey is particularly well-suited for global commands. I’d prefer win-space to start/stop a task, myself.

    Is there any particular reason why you’re not just making them user-configurable?

  10. I’d like to recommend the keyboard shortcuts implemented in as a useful guide for toggl developers. i use both apps constantly and would love it if toggl were as easy to interact with as rtm.