You Can Now Sync Toggl And JIRA

UPDATE: JIRA now supports Toggl button Chrome extension, get it at the Chrome web store!


We welcome Joggler – a tool to integrate Toggl with JIRA, developed by Comerge AG!

Joggler - JIRA/Toggl integration

Comerge AG, a Switzerland-based software development company, and also big fans and users of Toggl online timer, promise that:

  • With the plugin you can start and stop the Toggl timer from within each JIRA issue. This allows developers to track time without tedious copy-pasting JIRA issue keys to Toggl all the time.
  • The plugin automatically synchronizes Toggl time entries into the JIRA Worklog allowing you to see the time spent on each JIRA issue. This makes the time spent visible on each JIRA issue even if you were tracking the work for this issue only in Toggl.

Joggler uses Toggl’s public API and JIRA’s plug-in development framework. See more information about this tool and it’s pricing here!

By On May 10, 2013

  1. @JPK Could you explain your problems with them? For us they always were responsive and answered questions pretty fast. It’s running flawlessly now for us!

  2. Shih Oon: No it is available fror JIRA On-Demand. Hopefully this will change, but based on JPK’s comment it is unlikely if their support is what he says it is.

  3. So far, it hasn’t worked for me, and the company behind it (comerge) has been completely ignoring my requests for help. I’d recommend skipping this if you depend on it and might ever need support.

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  5. So I’ve already paid for Toggl and JIRA… now also I have to pay for a tool that integrates them. Oh, the era of cloud services!