Issues with Toggl Desktop after the last release

We have got much feedback in the last two days about Toggl Desktop not behaving correctly.

If you have experienced difficulties starting/stopping/updating a task or tasks not being saved, try this: right-click on the system tray icon and click “Clear cache”. Then restart the application.

If you still have problems, write us an email to our support address (support at toggl com) or post the issue to our support forum at

Toggl Team

By On January 8, 2010

  1. Jesse, currently yo can log in using your Google account just on the webpage. To log in to the Toggl Desktop or the iPhone application, you have to use your Toggl account. They are the same account but the login procedure is just different. Your Toggl accounts’ email is the same as your Google email and the password was sent to your inbox when you registered.

  2. I signed up for Toggl with my gmail account and it works fine on the Toggl website, but I can’t seem to log in using the Toggl Desktop.

  3. I also have lost two works yesterday. I want to use toggl-desktop in different places (actually all the time, everywhere) in my work and home. Yet, to me, it is still not so stable in terms of synchronization and task updates…
    I hope it will be more user-friendly and robust..

  4. Hi Angelique and Andreas. We have found a bug that most probably is the cause of all this. We have fixed it. It is possible that the tasks are not lost. I recommend doing again the same procedure as said in the post. Let me know what happens!

  5. Frustratingly, after realizing my reports weren’t coming up on the web site, I tried this fix…which led to me losing all the work I’ve done since Tuesday.

  6. I’ve tried toggle for 4 days now and two time all tracked time (desktop app on windows7) has been lost. This is truly annoying