Toggl Team is excited to introduce you to the beta version of the new Toggl 3.0.

What is new:

  • Completely rewritten “Tasks” page. The page itself is now a timer and you can use it also to enter past tasks.
  • Task’s start/stop times and duration are now strictly bound to each other (duration always equals stop time minus start time).
  • Overhauled navigation that is easier and more intuitive.
  • Task’s billable flag has moved into the Pro version.
  • Tags feature has been moved into the Pro version. Tags will stay in the free version.
  • Works nicely on devices with touch-screen.
  • To make your Toggl account more personal, we added a possibility to upload an avatar.

You can find the new version at It works on the same database as the current version. So, you can log in with your account and all the changes made in the new version (tasks created, projects changed, etc) are carried over to the current version. No data is lost when you use the new version.

The reason why we moved the billable flag and tags to the Pro version is we want to keep the free version for basic time tracking. Everything related to billing, integrations, productivity, etc. can be found in the Pro version.

The old (current) version and the new one will work side-by-side until the end of this year. After that, the old version will be dropped. All the great new features that are in our pipeline (integration with invoicing apps, new public reports, planned tasks overhaul, etc.) will be added only to the new version. No new stuff for the old version, bugfixes only.

Nothing will change with our timers Nano and Classic, they are here to stay. The only difference is that you can’t use them on the website directly (the new “Home” page does the tracking). If you have used a timer on the web page, try the task timer in the new version or use Toggl Desktop.

NB! This is the first public version of new Toggl. Your suggestions and comments will shape it during the next couple of months. Let us know what you think.


Toggl Team