We announced back in January we are working on a new productivity tool for team planning, called (wait for it) – Planner. Now we are proud to announce that the best overview tool for your team’s tasks for upcoming weeks is finally released to the general public. Go over to Planner site and see for yourself – the first 30 days are completely free!

PlannerThis is what planner looks like

Here’s what you’ll get with Planner:

  • ‘birds-eye’ view of your team’s plans over coming weeks (up to 16 weeks timespan)
  • change plans easily by drag and drop
  • keep future tasks in view in icebox
  • use recurring tasks by making them ‘stick’
  • form subtasks to make more detailed plans

There will be a complete integration with Toggl, allowing you to export your clients and projects into Planner and then importing tasks back to Toggl, allowing you to track time to them.

We are waiting for feedback as always!