Introducing our new Toggl Android app!

Android Togglers rejoice! After months of hard work, we’re happy to let you know that your new time tracking assistant is now finally ready the brand new Toggl Android app!

Toggl Android announcement
With a fresh, new look and revamped set of features (with more to come in future updates), we believe that it has never been easier to track your time and boost your productivity. Check out our new Android app and start getting things done!

Important note about a potential bug with the old Toggl app:
There seems to be a sync issue with our old app. For those of you who still have it on your phone, we advise you to avoid logging out or uninstalling the old app before you try out our new Android app.

A brand new app

Note that this is a completely new and separate Toggl app in the Play Store. To be able to use it, you’ll need to download it from the Play Store and log in with your existing Toggl account (or create a new if you are not a Toggl user yet) you’ll notice it has a slightly different logo and name than our old app.

Important note about our old app

The launch of our new Android app (along with the previous launch of our new iOS app) is a big step for Toggl and our mobile apps. We really hope that you’ll like all the new things that we have in store for you.

Still, we know that some of you might prefer the look & feel of our old app, so we wanted to let you that we’re keeping the old app available in the Play Store (for the time being). Test them out side by side and see which one suits you better. We hope you’ll give the new one a chance.


We’ve already talked about the initial feature set of our new app (read more about it here), so we’ll let our new shiny in-app screenshots do the talking this time around.

Toggl Android Features
This isn’t all though! We have more features in store for you as we continue to update and improve our app 
be on the lookout!

Feedback makes the app grow stronger

With that said, we really want to hear your feedback and use it to improve our app. We made the app for you after all, so please don’t hold back! To get in touch, you can send us feedback via email at or through the app itself (Go to Settings -> “Submit feedback”).

That’s (not) all, folks!

This is just the beginning of a new and powerful time tracking tool to help you get the most of your time. Be one of the first to try it out and start winning back your time!


P.S. Part of the iPhone crew? No worries, we got you covered – check out our Toggl iOS app right here.

By On July 19, 2018

  1. Carrbage! It doesn’t work any more. All toggl apps stoped working after upgrading in our company. Looking now new solution.

  2. Just downloaded the new app. It seems more stable now than the old app. Something that really bothers me though, is that I accidentally deleted some worklog with just a swipe. And it didn’t ask me to confirm it or give me an option to undo it. Bot options wpuld be good to have there. It’s not often, that I would like to delete worklogs in the app.

  3. Why did you release an app as stable/complete that has less functionality than your previous offering? Specifically widgets, and the integration into Android 8.0’s notifcations area? When will these be available in the new app? How long will the old app be available so we can continue to use these features?

    • Massively disappointed to hear that the widget is low on the priority list – this was the one thing that made this app easy to use on a regular basis as it was always just *there*. Now I have to open the app everytime I just want to switch between tasks, I’m likely to find a new time tracking app altogether! Please fix this quickly!

    • Hey Daniel, cheers for trying out the new app ????! Luckily, ‘Notification’ is coming really, really soon (along with the ‘Undo’ option) in the next update, so be on the lookout for that. Widget, unfortunately, is still low on the priority list, since we have some really cool & big updates coming this year, and there’s isn’t time for everything ????. As for the old app and its availability, we were actually discussing that in the last few days – we don’t have a concrete date, but we will definitely let you know in time, both via in-app notification and email.

  4. I miss timeline view in the web app. Something like tmetric has. It is really important because it dramatically improves checking if everything is properly noted, if tracking is really complete. The table view needs a lot more efford to find the same. I have to analyze start and end of the events to find holes which were in fact used for untracked projects. This is difficult without graphical representation of the time periods.

    • Hey Gabriel – thanks for checking out the new app ????! Good news is that we will be implementing something like that (though first in our iOS app) relatively soon-ish. It will be a part of a much cooler and bigger feature (which will most likely have its own blog post) that is in the works as we speak, so stay tuned!

      Android will get the same love (& the feature) after that too, don’t you worry! ????

  5. The new app crashes all the time. I cannot use it, and have reverted to the previous version. This is on a Samsung S8 running android 8.0.0.

    • Hi Kyle ????! Ouch, well that’s not good – is there a chance you could contact our awesome Support crew at so they can provide more data to our Mobile team? We’ve recently updated our new app with some bug fixes that solved some crash problems, with another update coming soon (that should hopefully solve most of the crash issues that weren’t fixed in the first one) – so, if you haven’t updated it, do check it out, it might be just what your app needed. And also, many thanks for sticking with us in these not-so-crash-free times ????.

  6. Sorry, but the app is very unstable. Implement some analytics in it so you can catch those exceptions. Like every app does that. Your previous app had great stability issues as well…

    And also, accidentally deleted several entries just by swiping right. Had to uninstall that app.

    • Hey Simon, sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with the app ???? – we’ve made an update that fixed the analytics (catching more crash issues now), with another update that should hopefully fix up stability across the board. And yeah, ‘Undo’ option is on its way as well, though I do understand your frustration. Would be awesome if you could contact our Support at and we could maybe look more into your issue, but I totally get it if you decided to try out some other tracker apps. Time is of the essence after all ????!

  7. To be quite honest, I miss the beta.

    I am struggling with this new app to do not have duplicate entrances. Sometimes you put a new activity in the app but it doesn’t stop the previous one and, congratulations, the report needs to be manually fixed.

    • Hey hey Priit – thanks a bunch for giving the new app a go!

      Well, we were thinking that it would be more intuitive to have your current time entry at the bottom where you would be able to quickly click the ‘Stop’ button when necessary, you would be able to see your log with previous time entries more clearly, and you’d also have an easier time seeing our new ‘Suggestions’ from our app. To add to that, we wanted to streamline the look between our iOS and Android app, for people who tend to use both. Is this something that is making your time tracking experience worse? As in, it’s not clear enough that you are currently tracking something, or it’s not really clear what you are actually tracking? Do let us know, this might be something that we’d need to reconsider and take another look at ????!

    • Hey David, cheers for trying out the new app ????! We hear ya, a couple of other users also wrote to us saying that they miss the notification from the old app. I’ve relayed this to our mobile team, though there’s no ETA on when this (& if) will be making its return (specifically, the old app had a lot of bugs related to the notification system, so the team decided to leave it out for now). We’ll have a blog post about some new features that will be coming along later this year (and the beginning of next), so be on the lookout ????!

  8. Heyo Halliki ???? – glad to see you with our new app! Ah, I know how you feel, tends to happen to me too -> but no worries, ‘Undo’ option will be in our next update, so you’ll have it very soon ( it will also feature ‘Notifications’, yay!). Do let us know how it all feels after the update, or does it need some more tweaking ????!

  9. Hey Fernando! Big shout-out to you for being a part of our Beta test ????! That said, the bug with duplicate time entries is really weird and it shouldn’t be happening (sorry for that though!) -> may I ask you to contact our Support team at so we could get more info about this and relay it to our Mobile devs? Thanks a bunch for posting this, it’s definitely a bug that needs to be fixed! ????????