Integrations and CSV import release

There are new integration tools available – QuickBooks Online, activeCollab and import as a CSV-file (in addition to existing integrations with Basecamp and FreshBooks). Check the Integrations menu under your workspace settings to view options and some examples. QuickBooks and activeCollab can be synchronized automatically or on demand.

We have also improved Internet Explorer support, both versions 8 and 9 should be more usable. Please note that we do not support previous versions of Internet Explorer.

If you have further questions or want to report a problem, use Ask a question-link within Toggl.

By On April 19, 2011

  1. I’m with Ted. I’d also like to hear some news on the likelihood of a Jira plugin being developed.


  2. It has been talked about for years but I haven’t heard any news on Jira Studio integration. Any updates on that? I’ve seen a ton of interest in this in the blogosphere.

  3. I upvoted the activeCollab integration feature in the forums and in less than a month it was done. Congratulations, amazing work guys! 🙂