Inline task editing, new timer and more…

Hi there!

Yesterday we launched another set of improvements for Toggl. Here’s what’s new:

  • faster and more convenient inline task editing under reports and recent tasks;
  • we started redesigning the timer; a task hover with mostly needed functionality is there;
  • keyboard shortcuts for the Timer; Alt+t will start/stop the current task; works nicely with Firefox, Chrome and Safari; works with IE too but it annoyingly opens also the Tools menu;
  • changed the menu a bit; brought the Premium tab out from the workspace properties for easier access and clarity.

Enjoy and let us know what you think!

Toggl Team

By On February 27, 2009

  1. Yes, Joan, you can. You can access your task from the “Recent tasks” menu or from the reports. Just click on the task description and it will give you the possibility to edit the task.

  2. Today I created a record for hours worked several days ago, since I had forgotten to use toggl during the task. Unfortunately I entered the wrong date for the task. Can I change the work event hours and/or date after the fact? How do I do this?
    THank you. Joan

  3. AS DC mentioned , my dashboard graphics disappeared at this time as well. Could there be any link? – other impovements are great – getting better all the time

  4. Magnus – we are still working on the “remember me” issue.

    DC – we haven’t changed anything on the dashboard. I’m not sure why you don’t see the charts. Maybe a flash/browser issue ?

    Hayden – we will make the click on the task description functional again.

    Wil – the billable property is back. Sorry about that glitch.

  5. It looks like you guys took out the ability to change the ‘billable’ property in the in-line task editing.

  6. Not sure what this point means:

    we started redesigning the timer; a task hover with mostly needed functionality is there;

    But to be honest the new timer design is a little annoying. The hover makes the tasks jump under the mouse and when you click on the task it no longer appears in the ‘current task’ space which was handy. Could we have that back?

  7. Pretty cool how you guys keep updating this stuff – but now my Dashboard graphics have dissappeared. I still have the summary tracked hours shown at bottom of screen, but no graphics. Just wondering if you guys moved it or what?