Information on Current Log In Issues

[13:07 PM EDT] – Toggl Desktop has been enabled, but there might be delays in it going online. Stay tuned.
GENERAL UPDATE [10:45 AM EST] – Log in’s work at the moment, Toggl Desktop sync is partially restored. Unsynced Toggl Desktop time will sync later.
Seems like current issues are continuation of yesterday’s issues of log in/session servers getting flooded.
Currently we’re continuing our work on upgrading the servers.


[10:15 AM EST] – Log in’s work, but we are keeping an eye on things just in case. Toggl Desktop is disabled at the moment, but it will sync your entries later!

[10:07 AM EST] – Log in’s should be working at the moment, but not 100%, we are still investigating, working.

[9:37 AM EST] – Looks like log in issues are still present. Team is working on it. We are really sorry for the troubles caused.

[10:35 AM EST] – Desktop clients are now gradually coming online. First Mac and then Windows.

There can still be some setbacks for couple of hours, but we are close to be stable again very soon. Apologies for all the trouble and thanks a lot to everyone for their great support.

All your entries will be synced once back online. Just remember to not log out before 🙂

We will keep you posted with updates here.

[04:45 AM EST] – Log in’s might still be a bit slow. Toggl Desktop still disabled for the time being.

It appears a change in server config caused everybody to log out at the same time, and our log in server got flooded with all the log in’s.

We are currently working on spreading log in’s over multiple servers to fix the issue.

[04:20 AM EST] – It seems we got log in’s to work again. Desktop currently disabled. We are keeping an eye on the situation.

[04:00 AM EST] – It appears Toggl is experiencing difficulties with log in’s. It seems issue is related to server misconfiguration.

We are really sorry for the inconvenience. We’re working hard on the situation to get things back to normal ASAP.

By On March 10, 2015

  1. I am also having issues logging into Google with the desktop client 7.2.172. With the message:

    “Login failed. Are you online”

    The request to revoke a Google token is failing with:

    “error” : “invalid_token”

  2. Thank you for fixing toggl desktop.
    • I had unsynced data since March, 9
    • Only an hour ago I found out about it
    • I could not sync it in a portable desktop client ver. 7.1.203
    • I thought my records lost
    • I downloaded the new version 7.1.208 installer
    • it synced all my data
    • I logged out of the portable version
    • I cannot log in any more with the portable version, only the installed version works
    • However, the installer version can be used as portable once installed (move the folder to where you want it)

  3. Hey TK,

    Thanks a lot for reporting it. We are aware of the issue and our developers are trying to fix it asap 🙂

    Sorry for any inconvenience and thanks for your support.

  4. Hi, Since the upgrade, there has been an issue with the discard feature. I’ve recorded a video here. Essentially, when I start the timer,
    1. the ‘add manual’ link turns to ‘discard’
    2. while the timer is running, if I click the ‘discard’ link, the entry is NOT discarded.
    3. the timer mode turns into a a manual entry mode
    4. I have to manually select and discard the record I wanted to discard

    Can you please fix?

  5. I still can’t log in! It has been a while on this issue, can you please give an update what is the current status, otherwise i will start using another application because this bug already ruined my workflow. Thanks.

  6. Latest version of Toggl Desktop shows a blank screen when running Toggl. I cannot log out or clear the cash. I uninstalled previous versions of Toggl and tried reinstalling with the same results.